Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3947

A few words of small talk were exchanged.

Lin Mo steered the conversation back to the main topic.

“Speaking of which, how did you find my side?”

When Lin Wu Hate heard Lin Mo’s question, she lifted her head.

“I killed Lawrence Castle and was found out, and they chased me.”

The calm words were devoid of any emotional fluctuations.

It was as if she was recounting something that could not be more unusual.

Lin Mo considered himself extremely strong inside.

However, he was still shocked after hearing Lin Wu Hate speak of exterminating Lawrence Castle with a calm face.

“Are you sure? Everyone within Lawrence Castle was killed by you?”

This matter was in too unbelievable.

A young girl of 11 or 12, slaughtering hundreds of people.

No one would believe this.

When Lin Mo saw Lin Wu Hate nod, he suddenly reacted to a terrible thing.

When he himself had just entered the door, he seemed to have seen that strange black light in Lin Wu Hate’s hand.

“Bring out your full strength to attack me!”

Lin Wu Hate froze for a moment, his eyes looking at him in confusion.

“I just want to test your strength!”

Lin Mo added as he was worried that this little girl had some concerns.

“Don’t worry, I’m very strong, you don’t have to worry about hurting me at all.”

After hesitating for a while, Lin Wu Hate finally chose to listen to Lin Mo’s arrangement.

With a hook of the five grasps of Lin Wu Hao’s right hand.

The temperature within the ward suddenly dropped by several points.

As strong as a half-step sect master like Ma Bangde, he could not help but feel a palpitation and a chill at the back.

It wasn’t just the chill caused by the temperature, but also the dense hostile aura that pierced straight into the bones.

As the two watched, Lin Wu Hate’s palm surged with black Qi.

In a matter of moments, a meter-long black claw took shape around his palm.

The more Lin Mo watched, the more anxious he became, everything that was happening to this little girl was too unbelievable.

It had only been three to five days since he had given her the Ghostly Claw.

However, within this short period of time, this little girl had not only succeeded in cultivating it, she had even become a great success.

Such talent was not even enough to describe the sky.

Just as Lin Mo was pondering.

Lin Wu Hate’s strike was made.

The huge ghost claw came straight at him with a piercing coldness.

Lin Mo raised his hand.

As his arm shook, the bone claw disappeared into thin air.

At this moment, Lin Wu Hate calmly looked at Lin Mo the same.

He withdrew his hand and stood back in his original position.

Lin Mo looked at his palm in a daze, his heart filled with emotion.

The attack was not strong, and only caused him to feel a slight stinging pain in his palm.

But what if one took into account the time Lin Wu Hate had spent cultivating, as well as his own clan master strength.

This n*gga was the real demon, right!

With a shocked emotion, Lin Mo had checked Lin Wu Huan’s body once again.

However, the result was a huge disappointment to Lin Mo.

There were no abnormalities whatsoever.

Apart from the serious internal problems, everything else was the same as a normal person.

So Lin Mo could only give up and asked another question instead.

“How did you escape?”

“If I remember correctly, it seems that they had four Patriarchs with them.”

If Lin Mo didn’t know Lin Wu Hate’s situation, he would have to wonder if this little girl was a spy sent out by the other side.

Lin Wu Hate nodded.

“I hid, and he found me …….”

Waiting for her to tell the whole story before and after.

Lin Mo couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

“Did that …… you get taken over?”

A six-sided genius with a full range of talent, heart and wisdom.

Is this still an eleven or twelve year old girl?

Lin Wu Hate was puzzled when she heard this and looked at Lin Mo with a crooked head.

Clearly she didn’t understand Lin Mo’s meaning at all.

“It’s alright, you take a good rest first!”

Lin Mo waved his hand and led Ma Bangde out of here.

He was tired at heart!

Didn’t want to talk to this kind of demon who was beyond normal people anymore.

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