Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3948

With a super divine doctor on hand to provide various healing pills.

After two days of rest.

Lin Wu Huan and Ma Bangde’s bodies had basically healed.

As long as they did not fight violently, they could already live normally.

After asking Lin Mo for his advice, Ma Bangde returned to the front line at the first opportunity.

Nowadays, Old Ma had become the benchmark for the major forces in the three regions.

It was not just because of the credit for the great victory at the first station.

The bigger reason was because this one had broken through to half-step Zong Shi.

And underground, many people began to quietly talk about it.

The reason why Ma Bangde had broken through so quickly.

It was entirely because he had taken credit for his first battle and Lin Mo had bestowed a reward.

This was what allowed him to complete this breakthrough.

Lin Mo did not ask anyone to put a stop to this news.

The breakthrough was not directly caused by him.

But it was also partly his factor.

And with such rumours spreading, it would also better motivate those below.

As for Lin Wu Hate.

Lin Mo had asked her opinion again, and Lin Wu Huan chose to follow Lin Mo’s side.

And Lin Mo also promised her that he would kill his last enemy, Clegg, with his own hands.

On that day, Lin Mo took Lin Wu Huan to the frontline command.

Today the battle was in the preparation stage.

The nine great power lords, apart from some daily inspections of the situation, were left to cultivate.

They were also considered free.

When Lin Mo learned of this situation, he immediately called for Director Qiu.

“Old Qiu, do me a favour and prepare a banquet table this evening.”

Director Qiu agreed straight away, and then pursued the matter.

“Mr. Lin, is there any purpose to this banquet?”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously and moved to Director Qiu’s ear and whispered a few words.

Director Qiu looked startled, and after glancing enviously at Lin Mo’s Lin Wu Huan behind him, he hurriedly went to greet the preparations.

The time came in the evening.

Under Director Qiu’s personal arrangement, the banquet was quickly prepared.

It was not large in scale, with only nine great power lords coming.

After everyone took their seats, they exchanged pleasantries.

“Old Qiu, what’s this, why is Mr. Lin suddenly inviting guests?”

“Right, it doesn’t seem like anything big has happened recently, does it?”

“Could it be a celebration party for Old Ma?”

In the face of the crowd’s enquiries, Qiu Si only smiled mysteriously.

“Don’t guess blindly guys, we’ll find out later!”

Several of the power lords, still wanted to pursue the question.

Lin Mo on the head seat suddenly stood up, his face was extremely serious at the moment.

“Lin Wu Hate!”

In front of the door, a figure slowly stepped forward.

“Today, I, Lin Mo, accept you as my disciple, are you willing?”

Lin Wu Hate didn’t have any due, and directly House body knelt on the ground.

“My disciple is willing!”

There had already been an exchange between the two sides.

When Lin Mo proposed the matter of master and disciple, she immediately agreed.

After losing all her loved ones, she had completely closed her mind.

Although she was aware of everything around her, she did not have any emotional reaction.

Like the living dead, the walking corpse in this world.

And with the appearance of Lin Mo.

Only then did a light suddenly appear in her dark world.

It also pulled her out of the abyss.

As soon as he said the word “willing”.

Director Qiu at the side immediately rose to drink.

“To the Master’s tea!”

After receiving the cup of tea from his subordinate, Lin Wu Hate simply walked up to Lin Mo.

“Master, please drink the tea!”

“Good!” Lin Mo laughed out loud before tilting his head and drinking shallowly.

“As I am under Lin Mo’s discipline!”

“Never do wrong, never kill each other with the same discipline, never deceive your master and destroy your ancestors ……”

As Lin Mo finished preaching the teacher’s instructions, Lin Wu Hate heavily kowtowed three times.

The ruler rose and fell three times.

“From now on, you and I are master and disciple, one day is a teacher and a lifetime is a father, do you understand?”

Hearing the word father, Lin Wu Huan’s body trembled.

It was happy, but unable to express it with a look.

She seemed to have lost the ability to laugh and smile.

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