Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3953

Above the sky, the dark clouds became denser.

Although it was noon, the dark clouds blocked out all the sunlight.

The whole front line was as dark as night.

At this moment, the two camps were already in full gear and ready to go.

Above the open gra*sland.

Wei Wine, as the vanguard, was in the lead.

Behind them, a million troops were trailing behind.

As the troops continued to advance, the two sides came to a silent halt when they were less than a thousand metres apart.

Wei Jiake stepped forward with his lance in hand and shouted.

“Is House Master Clegg here?”

As his words fell to the ground, a sound came from the opposite side as well.

“I, House Master Lawrence, have sent word that a little landlord is not worthy to speak to him.”

“If you surrender now and bow down like our Lawrence family, we will give you a way out.”

The words were full of mockery and disdain.

Wei’s face darkened and anger rose in his heart.

But it was quickly suppressed.

The purpose of the two armies shouting was to provoke each other.

Whoever was angry first would fall out of the city.

Thinking of Wang Changxing’s command earlier, Wei Wine took a deep breath and then shouted.

“Hearing of the Lawrence family bloodbath, we in the three districts express our deepest sympathy.”

“I hereby send a thinly veiled token of my respect.”

As the words fell, the hand behind him immediately raised a three-foot-long pole.

At the top were two pale human heads hanging.

It was none other than Chen An, the leader of Lawrence’s side and the family’s half-step Zong Shi donor, who had been cut down by Ma Bangde not long ago.

Seeing this object, the Lawrence side’s camp was visibly agitated.

Beating someone’s face.

Wei Wine not only laughed at the bloodshed at their Lawrence Castle, but also hung the heads of their side in mid-air visibly.

It was a naked insult.

Yet it did not end there.

As the two heads were sacrificed out.

The 200,000 members of the Turbid Green Gang behind Wei Wine shouted in unison.

“A thin gift for Lawrence!”

“A thin gift for Lawrence!”


Within a moment, the camp of Lawrence’s camp stirred.

The loud shouts reached Clegg’s ears just as clearly.

Looking at the two pale heads in the distance, coupled with Wei Wine’s mockery of the family bloodbath.

Clegg’s gloomy face was about to drip with water.

“How dare you bully me!”

“Pa*s on my order, the army will move out and exterminate this group of landlubbers.”

With a big wave of his hand.

The leading officer raised his greatsword.

“All of you, listen to my order and follow me to behead this group of landlubbers in District Three.”

Wei Wine laughed and struck a snatching flower.

“Brothers this bunch of motherf*ckers are in a hurry, follow me to exterminate them.”


“Da Feng!”

With resounding shouts, the 200,000 members of the Turbine Green Gang neatly and uniformly raised their lances and pressed towards each other.

The two sides marched in opposite directions.

The distance of less than a thousand metres was soon completely smoothed out.

At this moment, if one were to look down from directly above the battlefield.

The huge forces on both sides were like two monstrous beasts wielding their claws and fighting to the death.

Blades clashed.


Wei Wine bellowed.

The first row of Turbine Green Gang members stabbed their lances in their hands in unison.

There was a splash of blood.

There was the advantage of attacking distance.

In the first round of the encounter, thousands of people on Lawrence’s side were zapped by the belt.

After the first batch of enemies fell, the enemy was quickly replenished with men in the rear.

Wei Wine, in a hurry but not in disarray, bellowed again.


The long spear was instantly retracted.


Between one retraction and one thrust, in less than ten seconds, the Qing Turbine Gang had reaped the lives of ten thousand enemy soldiers.

Underneath their feet, blood was already flowing in rivers.

The generals on Lawrence’s side, looking at the battlefield in front of them, quickly made more reactions as well.


As soon as the words fell, the sword and shield soldiers in the vanguard immediately went up with large shields in hand.

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