Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3954

The situation on the battlefield changed extremely quickly.

With the appearance of the enemy’s swords and shields soldiers.

The attacking force of the Turbid Green Clan was instantly restrained by these sword and shield soldiers.

The lances from the Turbocyte Clan’s side thrust out and were completely blocked by the enemy’s large shields, unable to hurt the other side in the slightest.

The disadvantage of the lances was also exposed at this point.

It took too long to recover.

Taking advantage of this gap, the enemy’s long swords also fell.

Poof, poof, poof!

In a matter of moments, the Turbid Green Gang were killed and injured in countless ways.

And with the gap opened, the swords and shields quickly cut into the Turbine Green Gang’s formation.

When the soldiers met each other.

The disadvantage of the long spears was once again magnified.

As soon as the first shot was blocked by the big shield, in the process of recovering the lance, the enemy’s big swords fell down and frantically reaped lives.

Seeing that the situation had changed drastically, Wei Wine did not care about his men.



At the command, the members of the Turbine Green Gang at the rear immediately gripped their lances tightly.

In groups of ten thousand each, they threw their lances hard towards the enemy in a staggered and orderly manner.

The order from the vanguard general on Lawrence’s side was also immediately given as a combat command.

“Imperial Air!”


The gang’s formation changed rapidly with the sound of dense footsteps!

The sword and shield soldiers formed into battle formations in groups of ten, covering their companions.

The large shields in their hands were raised high towards the sky, like a giant umbrella.

At that moment, tens of thousands of lances, like raindrops, fell in batches.

Although Lawrence’s vanguard troops had the cover of their large shields.

But under such an intense attack, many of them were still hit.

And with that sword and shield formation, as long as one person was injured, once the defence was not replenished in time, the next batch of lances that followed close behind would completely tear the opening.



After more than ten rounds of lance-throwing attacks, Lawrence’s side had fallen tens of thousands of men down the line.

Yet the Turbine Green Gang’s attack did not stop there.

After the enemy’s sword and shield soldiers were sharply reduced.

The lancers at the forefront once again organised themselves to come in and attack.

One thrust, one retreat!

The technique was old, but the effect was extraordinary.

Now without the sword and shield soldiers the threat was greatly reduced.

The individual strength of the Turbine Green Gang itself was stronger than Lawrence’s ordinary soldiers, plus having the advantage of the distance of the lances to attack.

The lances were like meat grinders, not only advancing the battle line.

Clegg watched as his soldiers continued to fall, and his face was incomparably gloomy.

At this moment he suddenly realised that the landlubbers he had thought were no worse off militarily than they were.

The ability to follow orders and unify and collaborate in battle was already not even inferior to that of the top combat troops.

In less than half an hour of fighting between the two sides, their vanguard troops had already fallen by more than 100,000 men.

On the other hand, on the Turbid Green Gang’s side, only 20,000 people had died before and after.

A five-to-one loss was clearly not acceptable to Clegg.

Thinking of this, he gave a wink to his deputy at his side.

The next second.

A red banner appeared at the back of Lawrence’s camp.

The moment this object appeared.

A mysterious smile also appeared on the face of Wang Changxing in the Second District Command Centre.

“Mr. Lin, they’re in a hurry!”

Lin Mo nodded in understanding.

The only one who looked at the battlefield and then at Lin Mo and the two of them was Lin Wu Huan, who was beside the two of them with a puzzled look.

He did not understand why.

After Wang Changxing noticed the young girl’s expression, he spoke again.

“If the vanguard troops are not defeated, it will definitely be serious for morale.”

“And to salvage such a situation, there are only two ways they can go.”

“One is to use gun units, and the other is to send out half-step clan masters to forcefully attack and kill!”

He was clear that Lin Mo was trying to train Lin Wu Huan’s combat ability so he explained it particularly clearly.

“However, their Lawrence family has already lost multiple half-step clan masters before and after.”

“In a situation like this today, it’s obviously impossible for them to let a Half-step Patriarch get involved.”

“Then the answer is obvious ……”

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