Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3955

The centre of the battlefield.

When Black Rose saw the command centre banner behind her, she immediately gave the battle orders.

“All of Black Garden, listen to the order, follow the pre-battle plan and move!”

The order came out.

The 70,000 valiant women of the Black Garden instantly split into two teams.

Bypa*sing the vanguard Turbine Green Gang, they raced to the high points around the plain from their left and right sides.

By now the gun units from Lawrence’s side on the opposite side had arrived at the front line.

The black and eerie guns were lined up in several rows and pointed at the Turbid Green Gang in unison.

Wei Wine, in order to buy time for Black Garden, then gave the order to fight.


As soon as the words fell, the group of Turbid Green Gang members at the front threw all the weapons and lances in their hands.

At this point.

The entire vanguard unit, with their main weapons, lances, were all thrown at the enemy.

The only combat weapon left was the dagger at their waist.

Along with this last on finished lances fell.

The sword and shield soldiers on Lawrence B’s side once again stepped forward and blocked the wave of attack for the gunmen behind them with their flesh and blood.

Plop, plop, plop!

Thousands of men fell.

At that moment the sound of gunfire burst forth.

Faced with the long-range attack of hot weapons, the group of good soldiers of the Turbine Green Gang could only dodge desperately even if their strength was high.

Blitz! Blitz! Bust!

The first round of firearms attacked.

Wei Wine could only watch as his men fell by the thousands.

At this moment, he was naturally very anxious in his heart.

Holding back his heartache, Wei gritted his teeth tightly.

“Rear combatants evacuate backwards, front men, hold up for me.”

The huge combat force, after a kind of commotion.

The rear members immediately reversed direction and withdrew from the battlefield.

Clegg saw the retreating troops and also noticed the movement of the Black Garden.

“Oh, a few p*ssies and they want to eat up the gun units, joke!”

“Have the front line watch out for a sneak attack from the flank? The back up gun units are ready for energetic support! Try to eat them all up.”

At these words, the flag-bearer beside him, immediately gave the order.

By this moment, the game between the two sides had officially begun.

Trap and bait switch turns!

Above the battlefield.

Wei Wine could only watch and watch as his men continued to fall.

“Hold on, give me the top up forward!”

“Those p*ssies and the brothers behind them need your protection now, retreat and they’re dead.”

At the moment his clenched teeth were beginning to spill blood and tears were welling up in his red eyes.

It wasn’t that he wanted his brothers in front of him to die.

On the one hand, but if the whole army retreated, with the front and rear armies shifting around.

Those brothers who were close to the enemy fell in a row and would only hasten the death of their other companions.

Adding to the trampling would cause even more damage.

On the other hand.

They had to draw fire for the Black Garden.

All the guns in the entire third sector had been given to them to use.

In order to eat up the enemy’s gun units.

At this moment, if the Turbine Green Gang retreated, the Black Garden would definitely become the first target to gather fire.

Stimulated by blood and death, the members of the Turbid Green Gang’s eyes also turned red.

As the most senior member of the gang, Liu Laosan knew the urgency of the situation.

As he watched the enemy’s guns turn towards the Black Garden crowd.

Liu Laosan hissed as loud as he could.

“f*ck you, brothers, hold on!”

“If I go back alive today, I will take a woman from Black Garden and give me a baby!”

The words fell to the ground, and the surrounding companions responded in droves.

“Hahahaha, take me one, when the time comes, we’ll grab one back even if we rob.”

“Take me one!”

“And me!”

With that said, the big men of the Turbine Green Gang who were still dodging stood up one after another.

After hooking their shoulders onto each other, they formed a human love affair of several thousand metres.

“Protect the p*ssy and give birth to a big baby!”

“Protect the p*ssy, give birth to the big baby!”

At this moment, no one feared death!

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