Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3957

In the centre of the battlefield, the general of the vanguard.

He had just finished reorganising the vanguard and was about to give the order to set up the battle line.

At that moment, he heard his men call out for caution.

Before the vanguard general had time to dodge, a huge bullet had already pierced his chest.


The tremendous force directly tore the upper half of his body into flesh and foam.

“Be careful, the other side has a sniper!”

A gruff alert sounded afterwards.

Dozens of rifles were directed towards Black Rose’s direction.

The continuous tongues of fire pinned it down to the point where it was impossible to look up and observe.

In desperation, Black Rose could only continue to hide behind the hill pack.

At the same time, the other Black Garden women around her attacked.

As the only force in the three districts that is based on firearms, they are women though.

But they were no match for the professional robbers in handling all kinds of firearms.

The sniper rifle’s point-blank fire and the automatic semi-automatic rifle’s sweeping shots were incredibly accurate.

For a while, the gun units on Lawrence’s side were constantly under attack from two sides, and soon became confused.

Only the officer at the head of the group was no slouch either.

“Use the bodies of your teammates as cover and give me a counterattack.”

Although the tactics were brutal, this method was undoubtedly the best arrangement under the circumstances at hand.

After losing some of their companions, the gun units quickly made a counterattack.

The battle between the two sides officially shifted from a cold weapon encounter to a hot weapon firefight.

At this moment, the tens of thousands of sacrifices made by the Turbine Green Gang were reciprocated.

With the hill as a high point and also the role of a bunker.

The Black Garden’s firepower was no match for the enemy’s, but it had the advantage of fighting from high up.

The Black Gardens had a clear advantage over their opponents.

As Clegg saw that the situation was not favourable to his side, he gave the order again without delay.

“Send up the gun back-up units!”

“Eat this p*ssy, and they’re in the bag for Sector 3.”

As long as one side’s gun combat troops perished.

The scales of victory tipped in favour of the other side.

This was the tacit agreement shared by the top commanders of both sides.

At the same time Wang Changxing threw down the bait.

Clegg had not also laid the trap.

Just as Black Garden was fighting, Black Rose also took advantage of the gap in the local firefight to shift her position.

With a flip of her heavy sniper, she pulled the trigger.

Another enemy general was shot straight in the head.

Just as she was furiously planning to snipe the enemy again.

But then she suddenly spotted an anomaly in the high magnification lens.

A group of support suddenly emerged from the enemy’s camp.

There were not many of them, only about 5,000.

However, the heavy weapons they held in their hands scared Black Rose straight into a cold sweat.

She dared not hesitate in the slightest and hurriedly stood up.

Raising two yellow flags towards the distance, she kept waving them crosswise.

This was the signal that signalled danger!

At the moment, she was in such a hurry to give the signal that she did not have time to shift her position.

The enemy’s support troops locked onto Black Rose’s position.

A soldier, decisively crouching down, slung the rocket launcher over his shoulder.

As the trigger was pulled.

A rocket, trailing a long tail of flame, raced away.

“Big Sister be careful!”

The member of the Black Garden shouted after noticing the danger.

She then took a healthy step and tackled Black Rose to the ground.


An explosion sounded!

Black Rose only felt a whirl of heaven and then her entire body took to the air.

She rolled straight down to the bottom of the small hill.

Getting up again, her mind was buzzing and in her blurred vision, countless sound and shadows were darting towards her.

In a trance, a rush of shouts came to Black Rose’s ears.

“Big Sister, Big Sister!”

“Big Sister, wake up!”

“Someone, hurry up and take big sister to the back for treatment!”

Seeing the henchman who had died tragically for saving her.

Black Rose’s heart ached beyond measure and was just about to raise her arm when her consciousness went had sunk.

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