Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3956

With a seemingly joking roar, a group of burly men stared at the local hail of bullets as they strutted forward.

Every time a fellow soldier went under, someone would immediately fill in behind him.

Everyone knew that they could not retreat.

If they took just one more bullet, the group of p*ssies on their flanks would be in one less danger.

Right now the best way to cause a pair makes the foremost use their flesh as a shield.

Measure to deflect more bullets for his companions behind him and try to reduce casualties.

The enemy’s gun unit, on the other hand, did not expect this vanguard unit to be completely desperate.

As they watched, the Turbid Green Gang’s men drew closer and closer.

The gunmen who were originally blocking the Black Garden also immediately turned their guns around and aimed at the wall of brave men in front of them.

They prevented them from rushing into their own formation.

Behind the camp of the three districts.

The members of the other forces who were waiting in place were already red in the eyes.

If it wasn’t for the military order, they would have rushed forward and killed a bloody path for the members of the Turbine Green Gang.

Wang Changxing’s eyes were also misted with water at this time.

Before this, he had always thought that he was a man with a heart of stone.

Knowing that he was deeply shocked by seeing the group of sturdy men of the Turbid Green Gang who were brave enough to die.

“Mr. Lin do you think I made a wrong move with this move!”

Although Lin Mo was not good at this kind of super large-scale battle command, he knew it clearly in his heart.

Wang Changxing’s arrangement was undoubtedly the best.

There was not much cover above the plains.

The only high ground was the small hills that surrounded the area.

Even if they were set up in advance, they would still be shot down by the other side’s.

“You’re not wrong!”

Lin Mo took a deep breath.

War itself was cruel, and was the reason why he had been opposed to large-scale warfare before.

“The battle unfolding before us is the same as your pre-war predictions.”

Once the enemy’s vanguard lost, they would definitely send out their gun units to even out the battle damage.

By this time, their Turbine Green Gang was a decoy.

Stalling the enemy’s gun units and covering the Black Garden.

To put it simply, their Turbid Green Gang was not only a vanguard, but also a decoy to lure the enemy’s firepower.

“Steady your mind, you are now the pointer of the entire battlefield, if you mess up.”

“Those men would have died for nothing!”

Hearing this, Wang Changxing squeezed the long banner in his hand with a deadly grip.

His eyes gradually turned from hesitation to determination.

The battle was going on.

Wei’s eyes caught a glimpse of the Black Garden women who were still on the run, and he was already as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

In a short span of half a minute.

The Turbine Green Gang had already fallen by more than 30,000 people.

“Sl*tty b*tch, give me a f*cking hurry!”

They didn’t arrive a second later to reach the high ground, and thousands more of their own men would have to die.

At this moment, a group of women from the Black Garden were also running wildly for their lives.

With the turbid green gang attracting the vast majority of firepower, the women were stopped by gunfire from the other side on the way.

But the casualties were not high.

The Black Rose, who was at the head, naturally heard those loud and clear shouts from the battlefield.

Turning her head, she glanced at the group of burly men who were buying time for themselves with their lives.

She quickly wiped the corners of her eyes, only at this time the battle was urgent.

It was simply not up to her to grieve.

When he arrived at his destination, he didn’t care to rest, he just slid a shovel and lay on his side.

Topped with a heavy sweat, he quickly removed the black box from his back.

After hurriedly a*sembling it.

A two-metre long heavy sniper rifle appeared in front of her.

At this moment, conspicuous yellow flags were waving on the surrounding hillsides.

This was the signal that the Black Garden was ready.

At the same time, Wang Changxing, the general commander in the rear, received this signal as well.

The time to counterattack had come.

As soon as the red flag fell from his hand.

Black Rose pulled the trigger straight away.


The huge recoil instantly lifted the dust in the sky.

Bullets with cold light roared out.

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