Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3960

“Folded Waves Nine-Fold Gun!”

Accompanied by a loud shout.

The long spear in Wei Wine’s hand stabbed straight out.

Three virtual shadows followed behind the body of the spear.


The wall in front of him shattered with a crash.

The wall in front of him shattered, but the momentum of the spear did not decrease at all!

With a violent ringing sound, a large tree with a double bag not far away fell down with a sound.

This ……

All the people present were shocked.

The same three district power lord.

The crowd was naturally clear about Wei Wine’s strength.

That shot just now was at least five or six times more powerful compared to Wei Wine’s previous strongest strike.

The one who felt it most deeply was Chief Qiu.

As a martial artist who had been a half-step Grandmaster for a long time.

His sense of inscription of martial arts techniques was obviously much higher than the others.

With that shot alone, even if he hadn’t been paying attention, he would have perished on the spot.

At this moment, he also finally understood why Ma Bangde had been able to kill a half-step sect master before.

Hopefully, it was purely because he had Lin Mo, an arsenal of earthly martial skills, to provide him with support.

Unlike the restlessness of the other power lords.

After Director Qiu thought about it, he took a deep breath to calm down his fluctuating emotions.

Wei Wine was able to obtain such divine skills entirely because people had used piles of them.

He didn’t need to be too anxious.

If he did his job well, Lin Mo would not be stingy with his rewards.

After thinking it over, Director Qiu sat back and took a small sip from his cup of tea.

As for Wei Wine, after using this terrifying blow.

He only felt as if his flesh and blood had been drained.

Not a single ounce of energy could be lifted from his body.

If he hadn’t looked at his spear to hold on, he would have fallen to the ground at this moment.

“This is a normal phenomenon!”

Lin Mo saw this and patiently explained.

“Your realm and physical body strength are not strong enough, so using such a strong spear strike will cause after-effects.”

He was also giving a secret instruction to pay attention to exercising his fleshly body.

Wei Wine naturally understood and thanked him repeatedly.

Whether it was the Dan formula compensated to the Turbid Green Gang.

Or the gun skill that was rewarded to himself.

These two items were both extremely precious treasures.

In particular, the Nine Heavy Guns of Stacked Waves was a martial art that could be used for a lifetime.

This wave of pioneers was a good one.

Wei Wine only wanted to say.

It smells good!

After the compensation and rewards were distributed.

Lin Mo also instructed Director Qiu to prepare an exponential amount of pension.

This was their lives paving the way for the Three Regions.

Naturally, there should be no shortage of pensions!

And the families of those who died in battle were also asked by Lin Mo to record them one by one.

When Death Island was reunified, there would be a corresponding welfare allowance.

“You guys don’t need to be envious!”

“The Great War is far from over!”

“As long as you all perform well, I won’t lose a single cent of the compensation and rewards you deserve.”

Said Lin Mo with a turn of phrase.

“Of course there are people who are fighting to fish in troubled waters and keep quiet, please leave as early as possible.”

“Otherwise when the time comes, don’t blame me for flipping out.”

With this example from Wei Wine.

The other power lords were already red in the eyes.

They couldn’t wait to go out and drink the Lawrence Clan into a fierce fight right now.

How could they possibly have any other thoughts.

And this was also the result of Lin Mo’s deliberate efforts.

Wei wine is the horse bone that he bought with a thousand dollars.

He wanted his name to grow and his strength to soar.

You have to do well!

After a few words of small talk, Lin Mo left the matter of mourning for his comrades killed in battle to Wang Changxing.

After the big battle.

Perhaps there will be small-scale battle friction.

But both sides’ booster troops had to take a round of recuperation.

And the mourning for those who died in battle.

This process would take at least three to five days.

These trivial matters, Lin Mo would naturally not interfere.

“Did you read it, Haterless?”

On the way out, Lin Mo suddenly asked.

Beside him, Lin Wu Hate held his hand and raised his eyes in confusion.

With an uncomprehending face, he shook his head.

Although he had an unbelievable talent for the martial arts.

However, he rarely interacted with outsiders, and this kind of relationship between people was something she simply did not understand.

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