Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3961

Since the departure of all his relatives, Lin Wu Huan has completely closed himself off.

She has never been in contact with outsiders again.

She had an uncanny understanding of the martial arts.

In less than five days, she was able to cultivate the Cang Ying Clan’s supreme martial art to its completion and modify its flaws.

She is also uniquely qualified.

He was so intelligent that he was able to deceive all the people of Lawrence Castle on his own.

He was able to kill everyone in the castle.

Even in the face of Ji Dutuo, he managed to escape from this man with his wisdom.

The only thing she knew nothing about was the human condition.

In her eyes, there was only Lin Mo and the others.

Lin Mo Shen smiled faintly and did not explain too much, only rubbing the top of his disciple’s head.

“It’s alright, take your time to read if you don’t understand, imperialism is a very deep discipline.”

“Look and listen more, after a long time, it will become clear.”

He understood that such things did not happen overnight.

It takes time and experience to sink in slowly.

One teacher and one disciple, one teaching and one listening.

Slowly the two arrived at the First Hospital in District 2.

The top floor.

Lin Mo’s exclusive top cla*s ward had just been vacated for a few days.

Now Black Rose had taken up residence again.

Although she had her men to sacrifice their lives to save her and blocked the fatal blow with their bodies.

However, the strong aftershocks from the rocket explosion still stunned Black Rose.

When Lin Mo arrived at the ward, Black Rose had already woken up.

Bandages were wrapped around her forehead and arms.

“How do you feel?”

It was only after Lin Mo’s words had fallen for a long time that Black Rose responded.

“Ah, Mr. Lin, you’re here!”

“How does it feel?”

Lin Mo asked once more.

From the first moment he saw Black Rose, he felt that there was something abnormal about her.

The look was clearly and obviously a bit dull.

The reactions were also rather sluggish.

Black Rose froze for a few seconds before she spoke.

“Feeling a little dizzy, wanting to vomit but unable to!”

Lin Mo nodded, and was generally able to determine Black Rose’s condition.


Only the severity of it needed to be further examined.

“Has the doctor come to look at you?”

Black Rose nodded and reached out to point to a cupboard off to the side.

“That doctor just bandaged me up briefly, and then I said mild concussion.”

“Told me to take some medication multiple times and just rest a lot.”

There was nothing wrong with the means of treatment.

However, Lin Mo thought it was too slow.

Even if it was a mild brain, there was no way it would recover without half a month.

“It’s better for me to help you heal!”

“This way you can also be discharged earlier!”

Upon hearing this, Black Rose’s small face could not help but float a blush of fat.

After softly mumbling, she obediently laid down on the hospital bed.

After Lin Mo helped Black Rose untie the bandage on her forehead, he reached out and gently ma*saged her for a while to facilitate relaxation.

“Have a good sleep, you’ll be fine once you wake up!”

After speaking softly, Lin Mo took out the silver needles from his arms.

The Black Rose on the hospital bed was still enjoying this so much.

Being rubbed by Lin Mo on her temples at the same time.

Black Rose couldn’t help but feel warm in her heart, especially when she heard that gentle blessing.

Her cheeks couldn’t help but start to burn, and her heart was in turmoil.

However, before she could enjoy the feeling, a strong wave of drowsiness hit her violently.

The next second she fell into a deep sleep without any preparation.

After Lin Mo had dropped the first needle to help Black Rose fall asleep, he was about to continue administering needles.

But at this very moment, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open.

A young doctor, who was about 1.8 metres tall, walked in quickly.

After seeing Lin Mo, he couldn’t help but frown.

Recalling all the big names of the upper cla*s in District 3, there was no Lin Mo present among them.

“b*****d, what do you want to do to my patient?”

“Hurry up and stop ……”

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