Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3967

The two men under the tree faded away.

Star grabbed her pigtails and asked curiously.

“Instructor Ji Dok, is this Clegg getting cold feet.”

“These men of his, they’re getting more and more critical of him.”

Beside him, Ji Duo Tuo, with a smile on his face.

Looking at the entire huge military camp from afar, he silently shook his head.

“This Clegg is too eager-hearted.”

“He is the only one left in the main vein clan, and he wants to divert the conflict.”

“At the same time, he also wants to prove himself with a, well, big victory.”

“Only he doesn’t know yet that the people underneath are in total chaos.”

Gods in the shadows, the private underbelly of the Lawrence family branch of those metaphors.

Ji Dutuo saw it better than anyone.

“So do we still need to support him?” Star asked after him.

Ji Dutuo’s smile became even wider.

“My original words were that he could take the three districts and give him the management of Death Island in the future.”

“I never said that I would help him take District 3.”

“And I did promise Lin Mo that I wouldn’t make a move against the people of Death Island.”

“Keeping my word is the rule of my life!”

The two Nebula sisters’ white eyes rolled straight up.

“It’s obvious that you want people to just send them to their deaths and grind up the people of the three districts!”

“That’s right, Godfather, you are also too shameless.”

Ji Dutuo stroked his chin, his expression gradually becoming suspicious.

“Did I act so obvious?”

“Mmmmmmmmm!” The two sisters nodded their heads in unison.

“You’ve almost carved the word bad guy on your face, hehehe!”

Ji Dutuo pretended to be angry.

“Good, you guys come dare to talk to the Second Master like that, watch the punishment!”

With a burst of chattering laughter.

The two Nebula sisters, hurriedly fled the place.

Behind them, Ji Dutuo followed them without panic.

In a short while, he blocked the way of the two sisters.

Just as Xing was about to beg for mercy.

A white haired young man, suddenly barged in.

“Greetings, Second Patriarch!”

“The little girl you asked us to track down has got a clue.”

Hearing this news, Ji Dutuo instantly withdrew his original scuffling demeanor.


“The fundamental news is that the little girl is at Lin Mo’s side and has been given the name Lin Wu Hate by Lin Mo.”

“And the two are already in a master-disciple relationship!”

Ji Duto’s brows gradually coalesced as he murmured in a low voice.

“Already a master and disciple?”

“Is it intentional, or is it just a coincidence!”

For Lin Wu Hate, he had the determination that she must be included in the Seven Deadly Sins.

“Have you investigated this woman’s origins!”

Without speaking, the white-haired youth directly presented a volume of files.

After Ji Duto quickly browsed through it, his face instantly turned ugly.

It was unacceptable for the Lawrence family to perish.

The family is a family of geniuses, and they are not being fed.

They even slaughtered their family members.

Nebula sisters two is also the first time to see Ji Duto to a strange little girl so sad.

Xing couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“This Lin Wu Huan, is this the little girl we were chasing before?”

After receiving an affirmative answer, she had a puzzled look on her face.

“It doesn’t look like it’s strong either, apart from the concealment technique, it doesn’t seem to have anything shining about it.”

As a top genius of the World Sister who had already become a sect master at the age of eighteen.

He did have the capital to belittle everything.

Only Ji Dutuo shook his head.

“There are people outside of people, and there is heaven outside of heaven.”

“That little girl, both in terms of talent and of talent, is a top choice.”

“As long as you give her is time, this Lin Wuyuan can be very much like you all.”

“Break through to the realm of saints!”

After saying that, he tilted his head and looked into the distance.

His heart was filled with emotion.

In this era, there were many capable people.

There were numerous talents under the sky.

Like the Grand Preceptor, he himself no longer had a chance to break through to sainthood.

Unless he could gather all the crystal skulls and find the legendary treasure.

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