Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3968

The front line of Zone 3.

The sky was filled with smoke and fire that shot up to the clouds.

The members of the major powers were all wearing white stripes on their heads at this time, their faces heavy with emotion.

In front of them, amidst the blazing fires, were the warriors who had died in battle.

“Brothers, bon voyage!”

Wang Changxing roared and raised the yellow paper money in his hand.

Behind him, several major power lords then poured out the cups of wine in their hands.

Thin lines of wine spilled onto the earth.

The hearts of the crowd were heavy at this moment.

The huge funeral in front of them was not the end.

It was only the beginning.

In the not too distant future, there would be even more gruelling battles waiting for them.

No one could guarantee that they would not be the next to fall.

But they would not and could not back down in order to fight for the future they had dreamed of.

The simple mourning ceremony came to an end.

Preparations for a new round of battles began in earnest.

In the General Command Centre, all the major power lords were seated.

After waiting for Lin Mo to arrive with his disciple Lin Wu Hate.

Wang Changxing walked over to the military map and began a new round of tactical layout.

“According to the information worn back by the scouts, this location is their Lawrence’s firearms depot.”

The enemy’s firearms were the biggest danger constraining their three districts.

As long as this hidden danger was not pulled up, the less hope they had of swinging Lawrence once and for all.

Tens of thousands of rifles paired with medium and heavy firepower.

Even all the forces in their three districts combined would not be enough for them to kill.

“Does everyone have any ideas on how to give him a complete end to this place?”

Once these words were spoken, the real scene was completely silent.

It wasn’t that a few of the power lords were timid.

The other party must also know the importance of the gun armory.

This kind of material that could determine the course of victory or defeat on the battlefield must be heavily guarded by the enemy.

It was obvious that it was a fantasy to take out such an enemy.

So the crowd looked at me, and I looked at you.

None of them dared to stand up and say anything.

“Shall we try?”

The crowd turned their heads to look.

Only to see a corner of the room, a stooped old man was smoking a dry cigarette in his hand and speaking unhurriedly.

The ghostly old man was not inconspicuous among the nine great power lords.

And he did not have a good relationship with several other power lords.

The main reason was that the reputation of the White Cemetery under the command of this ghostly man was too bad.

Although there were many people under his command, more than 100,000 of them.

But all of them were engaged in fighting.

In layman’s terms, they are the ones who throw away people’s ancestral graves.

And their activities are not limited to the three districts.

With their ability to dig holes in the ground, the whole island of death is their domain.

It’s not just that the masters of the three districts don’t want to have too much to do with them.

Not only do the power lords of the three districts not want to have too much to do with them, but also the power lords of other districts and ordinary people hate the White Cemetery to the bone.

If it weren’t for the inter-regional restrictions.

If it were not for the inter-regional restrictions, someone would have fought to destroy the White Cemetery.

But right now, as the ghostly old man spoke.

The people in the audience suddenly saw a bright light.

He was a master at making holes in the ground.

If we were to sneak through from underground, it might be feasible.

Thinking of this, Wang Changxing’s face was overjoyed.

“Ghostly old man if you say from us, fight your way through an underground pa*sage.”

Wang Changxing spent a circle on the map and continued to ask.

“How long will it take to get to this location, roughly?”

As the words fell, the eyes of the other power lords instantly gathered.

The ghostly old man knocked his pipe in his hand and stuck it back into his waist.

Coming to the map, he reached out and measured the distance.

“A week!”

The time was long, but it was also relative.

Seven days to dig the same sixty kilometre underground pa*sage.

Such a speed was enough to stun everyone.

Worthy of being a grave digger, this skill was absolutely cowhide.

“Old ghost, ah, I didn’t expect your White Cemetery to have such a skill.”

“It looks like you guys are going to take the first credit this time!”

Faced with the boasts of the crowd, the ghostly old man only replied politely.

Resuming his seat.

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