Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3976

District Two.

Lin Mo did not expect that his second visit to Lawrence Castle would be in the capacity of a guest.


After a wave of ma*sacre by Lin Wuhen.

The castle was no longer as lively as before, and with a few servants scattered about, it looked extremely cold.

And what had Lin Mo most on his mind was the strength of this group of servants.

If one were to disregard martial skills, these few seemingly ordinary servants in front of him.

In fact, they all had strengths no less than Wei Wine’s.

“Second Sect Master, you’re sort of turtling up the nest!”

Lin Mo asked, somewhat speechlessly.

Having reached this level of strength, he was still willing to do the work of an underling without fear.

Apart from the people of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lin Mo really couldn’t think of the identity of this group of servants.

When Ji Dutuo heard this, he only smiled lightly.

“People think it’s a murderous mansion, none of Lawrence’s people dare to use it.”

“Instead of leaving it so deserted, I would rather lend it to me for rest.”

“Come, please!”

As they took their seats.

The waitress who had been observing them for a long time at the side immediately walked up anxiously.

“Mr. Lin, please have some tea!”

After the waitress placed the tea on the table, her greedy gaze scraped over Lin Mo’s face.

It felt as if she was looking at her desired husband.

Most of all, the maid was not the only one.

Those servants around, who had nothing to do, glanced this way.

“Wow, is this the Lin Mo idol, so handsome!”

“And so young too!”

“If I had such a young and talented husband, I’d be willing to live 50 years less!”

The whispered conversations of young girls continued to reach Lin Mo’s ears.

This also made him feel extremely awkward.

“Cough cough!”

Lin Mo coughed lightly and looked at Ji Duto with a strange gaze.

“Second Sect Leader, are all of you Seven Deadly Sins people so enthusiastic?”

Enthusiasm was already put in a good way.

This was completely abject old pervert.

Ji Dutuo didn’t care much to the extent that he turned to praise.

“It’s mainly because Brother Lin, your personality is too strong.”

“At such a young age all sorts of honours are bestowed upon you, and you’re still a sect master.”

“If I were a young girl, I wouldn’t be able to resist my heart.”

Lin Mo was wickedly cold.

Something wasn’t right with this Second Sect Master!


“Let’s talk about business.”

Although he had the intention to change the subject, Ji Duto grabbed him.

“Brother Lin, why don’t you think about it?”

“As long as you join us in the Seven Deadly Sins, feel free to hook your hand.”

“This group of little girls who are drooling over you will immediately warm your bed!”

At this point in the conversation.

Lin Mo already had a gradual answer in his heart.

There must be a demon in the opposite direction.

He himself had a deep blood feud with the Seven Deadly Sins.

This Ji Dutuo suddenly started to ask for his membership against his normal pattern.

There must be an intention.

Lin Mo glanced at his disciple Lin Wuxing beside him, and the answer instantly came to his mind again.

“Second Sect Master, have you forgotten that I killed two of your brothers!”

“If I were to join your Seven Deadly Sins, I’m afraid that I would have been chopped to pieces just before I entered and afterwards!”

Faced with Lin Mo’s temptation.

Ji Dutuo shook his head without changing his face.

“Look, this group of little girls from our Seven Deadly Sins!”

“They can’t wait to eat you, so how can they spare you!”

“And I can guarantee it in my own name, as long as you can join me in the Seven Deadly Sins.”

“We can completely let bygones be bygones for past grudges. Brother Lin think about it?”

This remark was made.

The group of young girls around them instantly looked radiant.

There was even anticipation written in their eyes.

Such feelings were not faked.

But Lin Mo did not trust this Ji Dutuo.

“Second Sect Master, we will talk about joining later!”

“Right now, let’s talk about business first!”

Obviously he didn’t want to waste his energy and breath on this matter.

And the other party’s purpose was not really to invite him!

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