Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3977

After the group of maids heard the answer given by Lin Mo.

A hint of gloom could not help but appear in their eyes.

As one of the most mysterious organisations in the world, the Seven Deadly Sins not only had strong power.

The intensity of cultivation for young people within their organisation was even more sour to the eyes.

In the case of Ji Dutuo alone, he was surrounded by two masters who were less than 20 years old.

This says it all.

Only if you have talent, the resources for cultivation can make you vomit.

Even for ordinary members, the various benefits were not comparable to those of ordinary clan organisations.

They really couldn’t figure it out.

The Second Patriarch had already given his word not to pursue the previous grudge.

Why did this Lin Mo idol still refuse.

A pair of watery, teary eyes stared at Lin Mo reluctantly.

They were filled with disbelief and regret.

Ji Dutuo glanced at Lin Wu Hate, his eyes flickering with spiritual light.

“Brother Lin, as long as you join the Seven Deadly Sins.”

“I can promise to share that legendary treasure with you and expose the secret of breaking through to the Saints!”

At this moment, Ji Duto gave the greatest welfare condition.

Only Lin Mo continued to shake his head.

“Second Patriarch, the paths are different, so let’s leave this matter at that!”

He knew clearly in his heart how that vast amount of resources from the Seven Deadly Sins came about.

It was through endless killing, endless plundering.

Like wolves and wild dogs, they had killed indiscriminately and forcefully.

It was only through the accumulation of these resources!

It was only through the accumulation of countless innocent souls that the Seven Deadly Sins were forged.

How could Lin Mo possibly join such an organisation.

Along with such a resolved refusal.

The atmosphere in the room had also suddenly become heavy.

A murderous intent had slowly begun to drift.

After a long time, Ji Dutuo’s eyebrows gradually loosened before the murderous aura in the room slowly began to dissipate.

“People have their own ambitions!”

“Since Brother Lin, insists on being an enemy with us, then I can still express my regret.”

Although these words were calm, the threatening intent was already self-evident.

Lin Mo’s mind was already made up, so naturally he would not waver.

“If there is nothing else, then I will take my leave!”

Just as Lin Mo was about to get up and leave.

Ji Dutuo suddenly called out to him.

“Brother Lin might as well cooperate once before you and I make a move?”

“What do you mean?” Lin Mo asked as he stopped in his tracks.

“On Death Island, there are too many stinkbugs hiding! ”

Said Ji Dutuo, suddenly showing a scowl on his face.

“I wonder if Mr. Lin is interested in working with us to settle them all?”

Lin Mo heard the implication beyond the words.

Apparently they, the Seven Deadly Sins, had already discovered, on Death Island, those Patriarchs that were lurking about.

What one had to admire was the intelligence ability of their Seven Deadly Sins.

Like the secret that the ghostly old man had lurked for over twenty years before stumbling upon.

In less than half a month, they had given you a clear investigation!

“I’m limited in strength, so I’d better forget it!”

“If Second Sect Master has an idea, feel free to do so!”

Said Lin Mo with a look as if he was looking at a fool, looking at Ji Dutuo.

In the entire Death Island, the Patriarchs that were exposed in plain sight.

Apart from himself there were only the Seven Deadly Sins.

And as strong as an existence like the Seven Deadly Sins, as long as they were on the island for one day.

As long as they were on the island, it would be impossible for a lone Sovereign like them to obtain the Crystal Skull.

Under such circumstances, the Seven Deadly Sins became the enemies of everyone.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Asking oneself to kill one’s friends, how nice to think!

When Ji Dutuo saw Lin Mo’s refusal, he did not dwell on it.

“Brother Lin take care!”

“Also, if next time, Mr. Lin is interfering with this battlefield!”

“Don’t blame us for tearing up the agreement too!”

Lin Mo didn’t reply, and took Hate Free’s small hand and directly left this place.

He could discover the secret of the Crystal Skull and had been lurking on the island for so long.

There was no way that they would be a good fighter.

Let’s deal with them first, then come back and threaten me!

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