Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3979

Time pa*ses.

The date of the Sea Wolf King’s big wedding draws nearer.

The true island of death was becoming a dark tide.

The surrounding sea line has begun to appear closed, allowing only those to enter and not those to leave.

Nowadays, Death Island was becoming more and more like a huge dueling cage.

Whether it is Lin Mo and Ji Duto on the surface or the clerics lurking in the shadows.

While tacitly keeping the Crystal Skull a secret, they have also begun to guard each other.

The originally calm scene was also affected by the appearance of a piece of news.

A restlessness began to appear gradually.

At this moment, Lin Mo did not know that he had unknowingly been forced into a deadly situation.

At this moment, he was still in silence in the congregation.

Above the battlefield, nothing major had happened in the past few days.

Perhaps both sides are gathering strength and preparing to deliver a fatal blow to each other.

There were a few small-scale clashes on the front line and hara*sment by Wei’s perverts, but nothing major happened either.

In this way, both sides had a rare few days of peace and quiet.

After five days of Lin Mo’s careful guidance, coupled with the top-tier Heart Technique “Creation Technique” and “Free and Easy Technique”.

Lin Wu Hate’s strength was also improving by leaps and bounds.

The only pity was that the various martial arts cultivated by Lin Mo were not suitable for Lin Wu Hate.

The only body technique at the moment was still one that he had scavenged from Director Qiu.

“Ghost Shadow Steps, it’s all about a fast one.”

“Once the speed reaches a limit, using the mind technique, the residual shadow of you will be left in the trajectory of your actions!”

“Come on, try it!”

Lin Mo explained as he demonstrated, and after stopping, he gave up the field.

After Lin Wu Hate closed his eyes for a while to understand, he slowly took his steps.

At first, it was still a bit rusty.

Although the speed was fast, it did not bring out the characteristics of the Ghost Shadow Step as it should be.

However, as the number of attempts increased.

She gradually found the feeling.

“How unjust this world is!”

Lin Mo looked at the courtyard, the five identical figures, and could not help but feel a sense of emotion.

It was only half an hour before and after.

Director Qiu’s unique secret technique had been thoroughly understood by Lin Wu Hate.

Such talent, even Lin Mo’s was a little red in the eyes.

He had not met the two Nebula sisters as well as this disciple in front of him.

Lin Mo had always thought that his own talent was extraordinary.

But since he had seen these three, he only felt that he could be considered a mortal at most.

It was too demonic!

“Master, Master!”

A shout interrupted Lin Mo’s contemplation.

“What’s wrong? Have you encountered any problems?”

Lin Mo shook his body, thinking that it was his chance to revive his master’s platform.

However, Lin Wu Hate frowned with a willow frown and shook his head.

“Master, I feel that this Ghost Shadow Step, it seems to have a flaw.”

“Isn’t the limit that you can only manifest six residual shadows?”


Lin Mo almost turned upside down straight away when he heard this question.

This was the limit of cultivation?

Naturally, he had also cultivated this Ghost Shadow Step.

It was indeed as Lin Wu Hate had said.

This stance technique had this flaw, and the limit was that it could only manifest six residual shadows.

But this self of his, so far, had not even been exposed to this body technique for an hour.

“Cough cough!”

Lin Mo coughed lightly, suppressing the shock within.

“Hmm! What you said is indeed correct!”

“Although this Ghost Shadow Step is mysterious, the level is too low, six residual shadows is already the limit.”

“When we return to China, my master will prepare a higher level stance for you, for now, let’s just make do with it!”

This was already his last struggle to save face in front of his disciples.

With such a horrible talent, Lin Mo didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad.

It hurt his pride so much!

However, just at that moment, a cry of pain suddenly came from the courtyard entrance.


Turning his head around, he looked.

Director Qiu had fallen to the ground at some point.

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