Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3978

Waiting for Lin Mo to leave.

Inside the room, a young man with white hair, slowly walked out from the darkness.

“Sect Master!”

“Since this Lin Mo is so ungrateful, let’s just kill him!”

“As for that little girl, we can just bring her back to the organisation!”

Ji Dutuo glanced at Lin Mo’s back and shook his head slightly.

“I’d love to kill him too!”

“But right now is not the time!”

“And even if we forcefully bring this little girl back to the organisation, can you guarantee that she won’t hold a grudge against us?”

A top demon with saint potential.

Unless Ji Dutuo was willing to lay down a killer, he did not intend to let it hold a grudge.

Saying this, he added another sentence.

“Put the news out!”

“Say that we, the Seven Deadly Sins, have already reached a partnership with Lin Mo and gifted the Crystal Skeleton with the bloodline transfer method!”

“And that we have found traces of the Sea Wolf King’s original body and have joined forces with Lin Mo to capture it.”

The white-haired youth looked puzzled, “It’s that simple?”

Even if he wanted to frame and taint Lin Mo, then someone had to believe it.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Xing jumped up and lined up a heavy hand on the back of the youth’s head.

“Why are you so stupid!”

“Does Lin Mo and our Seven Deadly Sins have a deep blood feud!”

The youth inevitably so nodded his head.

“Not only did our Seven Deadly Sins not make a move against him, but we had a good conversation with him!”

“Do you think the people outside will think more of it?”

The white-haired youth’s gaze suddenly lit up at this.


There was no one who wouldn’t think more when faced with the temptation of huge benefits.

If they didn’t dare to make a move against the Seven Deadly Sins, wouldn’t they dare to make a move against a hairy boy?

“Worthy of being sect master Ji Dou, a simple invitation from that has such a deep plan within it!”

“In this way, Lin Mo will definitely die!”

“And we can also follow the trend and save and Lin Wuhen, killing two birds with one stone.”

The words just fell.

Star jumped up and gave another slap.

“Call you stupid and you’re still not convinced.”

“We’re not just aiming to kill someone with a sword.”

“Lin Mo can die, not enough to wait until he draws out enough patriarchs.”

Although the Seven Deadly Sins had also caught the heels of some patriarchs.

But after all, it was a small number.

Wanting to lure out those Patriarchs without affecting them that under the Crystal Skull.

The best way was to put out a bait to lure them all out.

Then break them down one by one.

The more White Hair thought about it, the brighter his gaze became.

Ji Duto looked at his glowing appearance and the corners of his mouth suddenly hooked.

“Do you still think it’s simple now?”

“Not simple, Sect Master Ji Dutuo, this plan of killing two birds with one stone, high!”

Ji Duto said with a smile, “Get a grip and get on with it!”

At these words, White Hair immediately ran out with a faint heart.

Xing looked at that back with an indescribable dislike in his eyes.

“Second Master, how could you leave the intelligence team to such a fool!”

“He just doesn’t like to use his head!”

Ji Dutuo did not explain too much.

After saying that, he went straight to the window and slowly squinted his eyes as he looked at the scenery outside.

“The weather is really nice!” Ji Dutuo muttered to himself.

Since the moment he invited Lin Mo, his entire plan had already unfolded.

All his talk about promises was to interfere with Lin Mo’s judgment.

In the name of this, he wanted to make Lin Mo feel ashamed to refuse his invitation.

The moment Lin Mo set foot in the castle.

Ji Dutuo’s plan would have been completed.

If Lin Mo agreed to join the Seven Deadly Sins, that world-cla*s top genius, Lin Wu Huan, would naturally join as well.

If Lin Mo refused.

Then he would become a bait, one out of those lurking patriarchs.

By then, after Lin Mo died to others, Lin Wu Hate would become a member of the Seven Deadly Sins just the same.

No matter what the answer was.

He, Ji Dutuo, was in a sure win situation.

“Lin Mo, can you escape this deadly situation?”

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