Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3983

The bell rang sharply.

The heavy troops guarding the gun stores arrived on the scene at that moment.

The general at the head, Joe Wood, looked angrily at Jue.

“You tell me where this group of people came from?”

The gun storehouse guarded by 100,000 men had been touched to the rear.

This was no longer something that could be described as dereliction of duty.

It was not even an overstatement to say that they had defected to the enemy.

The group of big-bellied subordinates beside him could only look at their toes in the face of questioning at this moment.

They simply did not dare to meet Qiao Mu’s eyes.

After all, no one present knew how this group of people in the place had appeared.

Qiao Mu looked at them with their heads bowed in disbelief and was furious.

“What are you still staring at? Hurry up and get them all those.”

Right now, if we couldn’t destroy all the people who had come.

He, Qiao Mu, designated that his head would not be saved.

As soon as the words fell, the crowd woke up and immediately sent their men up to surround them.

At one time, more than 60,000 people with rifles were in a half-moon shape, advancing in great strides.

The Black Garden side had the cover of their companions.

Plus the time wasted by the opposing crowds in the process of mobilising their troops.

At this moment they had already taken three gun depots.

All the members had also arrived at the warehouses.

“Sisters, it’s time to take credit!”

In the face of enemies many times her own, Black Rose was fearless and her face was filled with excitement.

A command was given.

Gunfire erupted ……

The tree tops in the distance.

Lin Mo watched all this quietly!

His expression was serious to the extreme.

After coming into contact with the ghostly man, he had purposely started monitoring the surroundings.

Once the Six Senses Tong Shen opened.

There was indeed an aura all around if there was one.

Along with it was a strong feeling of being watched.

“Disciple, wait for me where you are and conceal yourself!”

“My master will go and meet this group of people.”

As the words fell, Lin Mo directly disappeared.

Lin Wu Hate in situ didn’t ask many questions, and after taking a few steps back, he completely hid his figure into the dense leaves of the trees.

With a peculiar system beside her body.

As long as she did not appear in the sight of people.

Even if she was a master of the clan, she would not be able to sense where she was.

On the other side.

In the clear lake, the moon is reflected.

As the calm surface of the lake rippled.

Lin Mo had arrived here alone.

“You all have been staring at me, it’s been hard work.”

“Why don’t you come out and have a chat!”

The voice echoed around.

There was still no response for a long time.

The dense chirping of insects made the whole environment even quieter.

But Lin Mo, through his six senses, knew that there were people lurking around, and quite a few of them.

“If no one comes out, I may have to go!”

After muttering to himself, Lin Mo made a move to start and leave.

Just at that moment.

The lake beneath his feet suddenly began to change.

Four water droplets rose to the sky.

An old man with a godly appearance and a walking stick slowly stepped out from the pillar of water and appeared in front of him.

“Little brother Lin Mo, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The old man greeted with an amiable smile.

The corners of Lin Mo’s mouth slightly curled when he saw the visitor.

Finally, someone couldn’t resist.

Although he didn’t know what the purpose of these Patriarchs had been spying on him was.

But in order to ensure the safety of Black Rose, Ma Bangde and the others.

Lin Mo then decided to lure this group out.

In this way, even if they fought, it would only affect the others.

With this in mind, Lin Mo clasped his fist in his hand and returned the salute.

“Thank you.”

After a simple polite sentence, Lin Mo went straight to the point.

“I wonder, old man, what is it that you are looking for the junior?”

The old man smiled faintly.

The walking stick in his hand gently nudged the surface of the lake.

The watery mist around him rose to the sky.

After converging into a semi-circle, it completely enveloped the two people on the lake.

Only after all this last night did the old man slowly speak.

“Young descendant, the old man can only ask, where is the place where your Sea Wolf King’s original body is hidden?”

At these words, Lin Mo suddenly furrowed his brow.

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