Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3984

Beneath a bright moon.

A bowl-shaped curtain of water stood tightly above the surface of the lake.

Within it, Lin Mo looked at the old man in front of him with a slight dip in his heart and was puzzled.

Could it be that the formation he had set up on top of the crystal skull to track it had not been discovered?

With such doubts.

Lin Mo asked rhetorically, “Old man, it seems that junior doesn’t quite understand what you mean.”

The old man on the other side still wore his trademark smile.

It was just that there was a little more mischief in his expression.

“Little junior, the most important thing in being a man is honesty!”

“I, the old man, am rather impatient and grumpy.”

“It’s not easy for you to come to cultivate to Zongshi at this young age, is it not?”

In the seemingly unperturbed tone, it was actually filled with the meaning of coming threats.

Lin Mo a*sisted the hilt of his Tai Ah sword with one hand and slightly turned his body sideways.

“Coincidentally enough, I’m not one to be inquisitive either.”

“If you old man has something on your mind, just state it directly!”

To make a move, he was not vain.

It was just that the whole thing in front of him was unexplained.

There should always be a reason to make a move.

When the old man saw that Lin Mo’s face did not seem like he was faking, his face calmed down to a few points.

“Rumour has it that you and the Seven Deadly Sins have entered into a collaboration.”

“Not only do you know where that Sea Wolf King’s original intent is, but you also know exactly how to transfer the Crystal Skull.”

“Young descendant, you can understand if I say so!”

As soon as the echo fell, the old man stared intently at Lin Mo, as if he wanted to see something from his expression.

The explanation was just to try to block Lin Mo’s words.

By this moment, Lin Mo understood something in general.

It seemed that Ji Dutuo had dug a big hole for himself!

No wonder, that day when he had refused in words, Ji Dutuo was unmoved.

So it was here waiting for me!

“Old man, if I say that it was all a trap.”

“Would you believe it?”

Lin Mo also knew that any further explanation he could give would be pale in comparison.

From the moment he walked out of Lawrence Castle unharmed, he had already fallen into Ji Duto’s trap.

The Seven Deadly Sins were out for life and careful.

In the depths of such a sea of blood, Lin Mo had been safe and sound for far too long.

As expected, the old man’s face once again turned ugly after hearing Lin Mo’s reply.

“Are you teasing an old man like me?”

“Young man, you’re playing with fire!”

After the old man finished speaking, the walking stick in his hand once again fell.

In the next second, the lake was boiling as if it had boiled over.

“I’ll give you one more chance, to say or not to say.”

At this moment, the old man had lost his patience and completely ripped his face off.

The original version of the gentle old man instantly became wildly violent.

The sudden gust of wind was so strong that it blew Lin Mo’s coat corners with a swishing sound.

“Old man, I’ve already said that I didn’t know.”


Before the words left his mouth, Tai Ah had already sheathed his sword.

Understanding the reason behind it clearly, Lin Mo did not intend to hold back his hand.

To fight!

Then let’s fight!

Above the boiling lake, two adult arm-thick water snakes slowly coalesced.

As the old man pointed his cane.

Like arrows leaving a bow at the same time, the two heavenly waters only lunged out.

The fangs that glowed with cold light were like two sharp swords, stabbing viciously towards Lin Mo’s neck.

This kind of tentative attack was naturally not in Lin Mo’s eyes.

With a flick of Tai Ah’s hand, the two water snakes instantly split in two, turning into a pool of stagnant water.

“Rather, you have some strength!”

The old man slowly narrowed his eyes.

“It is not easy for young people to cultivate, as long as you tell me what you know about yourself.”

“I can guarantee that you will leave unharmed.”

Clearly the old man had absolute confidence in his own strength.

And he didn’t want to kill Lin Mo, he purely just wanted to know the method to transfer the Crystal Skull.

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