Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3986

A stunning clash of clan masters that should have been.

The two sides nailed it and the exchange of blows came to an end.

The old man glanced at Lin Mo with a smile, “Young man, we will meet again.”

“I hope that the next time I see you, you will still be alive.”

After the old man left behind a sentence with deep meaning, his toes tapped the surface of the water.

A few leaps later, he disappeared into the busy night.

Not long after.

Lin Mo once again opened his Six Senses of Heaven technique.

There was silence all around!

Those Patriarchs who had been lurking in the shadows also disappeared together.

In this way, Lin Mo did not intend to stay long.

It was enough to meet the other side, show off his muscles, and tell those sect masters that he wasn’t easy to mess with either.

That would be enough!

It was also good to be able to reduce a bit of trouble.

By the time Lin Mo returned to the gun warehouse again, the battle here was still hot.

Countless bullets were weaving back and forth like rain.

Lin Wu Huan had already become numb to such a scene.

When she saw Lin Mo return, she tugged at the former’s coat.

“Master, how boring!”

Big watery eyes paired with this pitiful tone.

Lin Mo actually heard a hint of petulance in it.

This was a good thing.

It meant that Lin Wu Hate’s closed heart was slowly being opened.

“It’s almost time to end it!”

Lin Mo raised his head to look at the distant night sky.

The battle here had been happening for so long, Lawrence’s main army must have received the information as well.

If they delayed any longer, the other side would delay until the support arrived.

Black Rose and the others would be in danger.

“The enemy’s reinforcements may be arriving soon, seize the time and prepare to retreat!”

When Lin Mo’s voice reached the ears of the people on his side.

Black Rose immediately made layout arrangements.

“Sisters, don’t get attached to the battle, pack up your things cleanly! Take as many firearms as you can.”

“Big Sister, what about those that can’t be taken away?”

The corner of Black Rose’s mouth hooked up, “Give them all that can’t be taken away to blow up!”

That was the order!

The bored Ma Bangde also snapped to his feet.

This was a job he loved!

This kind of gun station, he and his men, the group of swordsmen, were completely out of the loop.

And they had tried to use firearms.

However this group of swordsmen who used knives as their companions were either masters of the stroke or dupes.

Even if they couldn’t hit the enemy, they almost hurt their own people.

That would have hurt their pride!

Ma Bangde simply took his men with him and crouched in the corner to watch the show.

Right now Lin Mo had given the order and used himself to have a use for it.

“p*ssies, right get out of my way.”

A loud growl, more or less tinged with human enmity.

At the sound of the words, Ma Bond arrived at the rear of the warehouse, dragging a large blade two palms wide.

It was accompanied by a flash of the blade.

The rear wall of this warehouse was directly blasted with a tower.

“Hurry up, lord I don’t have time to take care of you p*ssies.”

Black Garden’s adjutant, his face instantly pulled down.

The repeated belittling and provocations had enraged him completely.

“Hmph, I’m sorry to bother Godfather Ma for his efforts, but if we use explosives, we can also blow up this place.”

“You think I’m meddling?” Ma Bangde asked with a dark scowl.

“Or what, you think we can’t live without you?”

Ma Bond laughed coldly, “Hmph, smug woman!”

“All right! Shut up!”

Just as the adjutant was about to continue arguing with Maband, Black Rose suddenly interjected and scolded.

“Don’t even look, what is this place, and you have the heart to start infighting here!”

“Hurry up and take the sisters out!”

Black Rose spoke up, and the adjutant didn’t dare to say anything more.

She gave Ma Bangde a fierce glare before she began to organise the others and prepare to evacuate.

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