Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3987

Naturally the actions of the Black Rose and the horse gang were spotted by the guards on Laurence’s side.

“They’re trying to escape, stop them for me!”

Jomu’s face paled and he urged anxiously.

“Our reinforcements are on their way!”

The order came out.

The guards immediately stepped up their firepower.

For a moment, the pressure on the Black Garden crowd instantly increased.

Although Black Rose’s marksmanship was extremely accurate, every time she pulled the trigger, one of the opponents would fall down.

But the other side had tens of thousands of enemies.

Such a point-blank kill was a drop in the bucket.

As the enemy rushed forward, Black Rose could only retreat to her sniper point.

At the same time, she anxiously urged.

“Retreat, hurry up and speed up!”

With a tense retreat, everyone flew away from this warehouse.

In the end, only Ma Bangde and a few other swordsmen remained.

“Sl*tty old b*tch!”

Hearing the angry roar, Black Rose took two high explosive grenades directly from her waist.

Once the safety pins were pulled, they were thrown directly towards towards behind them.

Ma Bonder saw the two high explosive grenades that were about to detonate flying towards him.

He did not react!

Instead, a cruel smile came out of the corner of his mouth.

“Dogs, your grandpa Ma, the reward for you!”

As the words fell to the ground, he lifted the large knife in his hand.

Without saying a word, he slapped it hard towards the proverbial air.

After the two grenades were smashed by the back of the knife, they flew out of the warehouse in an instant, just like bullets.

Outside the warehouse!

The guards who were more than twenty metres away from each other were, at this moment, looking at the two black balls flying towards them.

His face instantly changed drastically.

“Crap, grenades, hurry up and lie down ……”

Before the word “reverse” could be uttered, the grenade had already exploded.

The steel balls contained within them shot up in the sky!

Under the splash of blood, the screams of misery continued.


Ma Bangde had been holding back for so long, but he had finally struck back for once.

His heart was inexpressibly happy.

At this moment, several other swordsmen inside the warehouse had also finished their work at hand.

“Godfather, we have pressed the stuff!”

“We’ll treat them to a big wave later!”

Several people glanced at each other and revealed knowing smiles.


With an order from Ma Bangde, the entire warehouse was evacuated.

At the same time, the swordsmen from several other warehouses, as well as the Black Garden women, also fled quickly under the cover of their companions.

By the time the Lawrence family guards arrived, the warehouses were empty.

“General Jomu, they’ve finished escaping!”

Jomu took one look at the huge gaping hole in the wall and the empty warehouse, and his anger grew.

This was the place where all the guns had been gathered.

There were twenty warehouses in all!

But now, after a wave of baptism, there were only fifteen left.

What was the difference between this and capitalising on the enemy.

Thinking about this, Qiao Mu only felt a chill in his back.

“D*mn it, so what are we still standing around for?”

“If these b*****ds get away, we’ll all be buried with them!”

Under the hissing of the guards, they were also scared to the point of shivering in colour.

“Yes, I’ll send someone after them on my doorstep.”

Just as the man turned to leave, Qiao Mu’s face instantly changed drastically.

Through the gap, he saw the numbers that kept jumping in the iron cabinet.

There was a time bomb!

With such a discovery, Qiao Mu’s three souls and seven spirits were all sent flying out of his body in fear.

He didn’t dare to hesitate, and didn’t even have time to warn the others.

He turned around and ran away from the place.

At this moment, the timer on the bomb had also dropped to zero.


A deafening explosion burst into flames.

The guards in the warehouse who had not had time to escape had not reacted and could only watch as the horrific fire engulfed them.

As for the warehouse itself, it was instantly torn apart.

The building fragments alone took the lives of no less than a hundred people.

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