Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3990

Lin Mo sensed the surroundings.

There were no Patriarchs lurking about, and no one on Lawrence’s side could arrive except for the three half-step Patriarchs in front of him.

In such a situation, he was in no hurry and brought his disciples along to evaluate its warring sides.

It was also excellent to take this opportunity to teach his disciple a little by the way.

“Disciple see this one holding the big sword!”

Waiting for Lin Wu Hate to nod his head.

Only then did Lin Mo continue to explain to.

“This kind of big open and wide move is fierce in attack, but lacking in agility!”

“You don’t see his opponents being pressured by him all the time, that’s because they’re too stupid and haven’t found the trick.”

“If it were me I would pull back, use my stance and wear this one down.”

“Wait for an opportunity to deliver a fatal blow!”

Lin Wu Hate understood: “Master, disciple understands!”

Lin Mo did not control his voice when he spoke.

So it was not only Lin Wu Hate who heard it.

The two sides that were fighting also heard it clearly.

Ma Bangde: “????”

What the hell was this doing to personnel?

It was obvious that he was the one who was on his side.

But this Lin Mo even helped the place out with a plan against himself.

Heart tired!

As expected!

The two Half-step Grandmasters who fought with Ma Bangde were at first forced back by his fierce swordsmanship.

At this moment, after hearing Lin Mo’s explanation, the two of them instantly had a cold gaze.

After quickly pulling their stances apart, the two Half-step Patriarchs suddenly scattered left and right.

At this time, Ma Bangde could only launch an attack towards one of them.

In this way, something tragic happened.

Every time he attacked, the other one struck decisively.

Ma Bangde’s swordsmanship was indeed a wide open style of play.

He couldn’t dodge the blow that caught him off guard!

He could only take a solid blow.

Ma Bangde staggered a few steps, his face flushed red.

It was obvious that he was also a half-step Grandmaster, and taking this punch hard was not easy for him.

Taking advantage of this gap, Ma Bangde slowly gave Lin Mo a white glance with resentment.

“Mr. Lin, well taught!”

Lin Mo was simply unmoved in the face of this gloomy remark.

“Hehe! I’m flattered!”

Ma Bangde was instantly dumbfounded.

Forget it, it was better not to talk back to Lin Mo.

Otherwise, instead of being killed by the other party, he would be P*ssed off at his own people.

With a twist of his greatsword, he once again charged at the two Half-step Patriarchs to kill them.

It was just that his own destiny had already been fathomed.

No matter how he attacked, the two Patriarchs both tacitly understood that one would dodge and the other would look for an opportunity to attack.

In less than twenty rounds.

Ma Bangde’s mouth was already spilling blood from the corners.

Lin Mo was definitely the first to take credit for this result.

What was the reason for this?

A question flashed through Ma Bangde’s mind.

Having been together for so long, he knew that Lin Mo was sometimes cynical.

But when it came to business, he could never be so out of touch.

Now that he had directly pointed out his own fate for his enemy, he must have had an intention.

But for a while, Ma Bangde could not think of any.

As he continued to ponder, he slowly began to give up his attack.

Instead, he took a defensive stance with his sword in hand!

At the same time, the two patriarchs on the opposite side also stopped their stance together.

It was also in this short pause of a few seconds.

A sudden flash of light flashed in Ma Bonder’s mind!

With his great sword in his hand, he crossed it!

Slowly, he extended his finger and hooked it towards the other side.

“You guys!”

“Come here!”

Such an inexplicable move directly gave the two Half-step Patriarchs on the opposite side the whole won’t.

After the two looked at each other, they nodded silently.

Since Ma Bangde had chosen to defend, they would naturally not be polite.

The two figures were one on the left and one on the right, intending to pincer attack.

Lin Mo, who was on the side, shook his head with a tiny face when he saw this.

He didn’t know whether this fellow was really stupid or not.

He himself had only briefly said a few words, but he didn’t expect this b*****d to realize it.

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