Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3994

After the ruins.

All three half-step masters were killed by Ma Bangde.

The opponents did not even have the slightest chance to resist and became dead under the sword.

However, what the crowd had never expected was that.

This Ma Bangde had suddenly challenged Lin Mo.

For a moment, the scene was silent.

Even the members of the Martial Division who were rescuing Director Qiu at the side all stopped their actions.

Nervously, they waited for Lin Mo’s reply.


With all eyes on him, Lin Mo smiled faintly and returned a word.

Upon receiving this reply, Ma Bangde’s battle intent around him fiercely rose a level.

“Mr. Lin beware!”

“Try this newly comprehended blade technique of mine! ”

After reminding him, he tightened his grip on the hilt of his blade with both hands.

Although Ma Bangde felt endless power within his body again at the moment.

However, when facing Lin Mo, he simply did not dare to take anything lightly.

The moment he struck out, he was using his strongest blade technique.


“Return to the Sea Zang Shen Blade!”

The blade’s aura burst forth and instantly coalesced into shape, clinging to the blade’s body.


Ma Bangde shouted softly as the large blade swung with both hands, cutting down heavily from above.

At the same time, a gale of wind violently lifted up around his body.

It rattled the crowd’s clothes.

The blade had arrived, followed by a huge blade made of sword qi.

It was roughly estimated to be five or six metres long.

At the scene, martial artists who were slightly weaker could not help but tremble before this terrifying blade qi.

This monstrous blade technique, even if Mr. Lin could follow it, it would be difficult enough.

With such thoughts in mind, the crowd stared nervously at the duo.

However, in the face of such a terrifying attack.

Lin Mo’s face did not change in the slightest, as the blade came closer and closer to him.

He raised his arm unhurriedly and extended two fingers.

As the two fingers came together, the blade came to a direct halt between the fingers.

It was clamped!

And after that immediately following blade intent void fell.

Lin Mo merely scattered out a sword qi, directly shattering it.

It turned into a uniform breeze.

Seeing such a result, the crowd watching the battle looked at me in confusion!

They had imagined that Lin Mo would take this battle through various splendid martial arts techniques!

But they had never imagined that Lin Mo had clamped down on Ma Bangde’s sword with just his two fingers.

Even Ma Bangde himself was dumbfounded at this moment.

Under this deadly silence, Lin Mo frowned and said.

“It’s average, the power of it is quite impressive.”

“It’s just an advanced version of the Return to the Sea Slash, you still need to properly comprehend it!”

Overall, the biggest gain after Ma Bangde’s epiphany was that his stance as well as his blade was much faster.

This was a good way to fill the flaw of his big, heavy blade.

The only thing that could be said was that there was no huge leap in the power of the blade technique.

Compared to his first comprehension of the Sword Transient.

The difference was not a single star and a half.

When Ma Bangde heard such an evaluation, coupled with the fact that his own confident sword was caught by Lin Mo with his second finger.

His original bravado dissipated in an instant.


Yet he was still too innocent and too young.

This was just the beginning of Lin Mo’s blow.

“You don’t have to not be frustrated either!”

For the frustration was still to come.

After Lin Mo finished speaking, he fiercely burst out with his patriarchal aura, and then had it fly back into his body.

Under Ma Bangde’s uncomprehending gaze.

Lin Mo’s realm was frantically suppressed by himself, and eventually the final one became faintly weak.

In terms of aura alone, at this moment Lin Mo was not even as strong as the swordsman of the Blade Sect.

Facing the puzzled gazes of the crowd.

Lin Mo opened his mouth and explained.

“This is the realm after my first epiphany.”

He said as he held one hand above the hilt of his sword.

Secret Technique, Sword Instant.

The invisible sword Qi flashed.

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