Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3995

A fresh breeze.

A few adult waist-thick uncles, already a piece of rock more than one person high.

It slowly slid down in front of the crowd.

Then it landed with a crash.

Ma Bond froze in place, looking in disbelief at the power caused by the sword.

Although he could perceive the sword qi that had just flown over the mountain above his head.

But it was simply too late to dodge.

That realm of Zongshi was one that Ma Bangde had not yet set foot in.

But if we are talking about the level of half-step Zong Shi.

Ma Bangde dared to pack his bags, if he was unguarded.

Faced with this astounding sword technique, even a half-step Zong Shi would have to perish on the spot.

In other words, Lin Mo already had the strength to kill a Half-step Grandmaster a long time ago.

Was he still a human being?

Learning of such a devastating result.

It also gave Ma Bangde a deeper appreciation of the terror of a genius.

As for the others, they were also deeply shocked by Lin Mo’s sword at this moment.

At the same realm, someone else could already decapitate a Zong Shi.

But when they faced a Grandmaster, they could only die.

This was too much of a blow!

For a while, the crowd’s gaze towards Lin Mo involuntarily took on a bit of resentment.

As Lin Mo looked at the strange looks of the crowd in front of him, he also suddenly realised the problem.

Originally, he was only thinking of striking Ma Bangde.

Unexpectedly, this group of fruitless men had also been affected by the ripple effect.

Guilty as charged!

“Well, well, it’s getting late, we should probably head back too!”

After changing the subject, he fetched an elixir to calm down Director Qiu’s injuries.

Afterwards, the group of people hung their heads and once again dug into the underground pa*sage.

The sun was up.

Along with the rumbling and lost sound of an explosion, the long underground pa*sage was completely buried.

The men who had participated in the surprise attack returned to District 3.

Wang Changxing, who had been waiting for a long time, had joy on his face when he saw the troops returning with a full load.

“Good work, good work!”

After the words fell, the leader, Black Rose, as well as Ma Bangde just gave a resentful hmph.

It made Wang Changxing puzzled, this team had obviously made a great achievement.

Yet they were all lethargic and wilted for some reason.

Even if it was for Director Qiu, it was not necessary.

He was only seriously injured and unconscious, not dead.

“Old Ma, what’s wrong with you guys?” Wang Changxing asked, puzzled.

Ma Bangde gave him a lazy look and hooked his finger.

Wang Changxing put his ear over with a bewildered look.

After Ma Bangde softly repeated a few sentences, with a wicked smile on his face, he left with the large group.

In the same place, Wang Changxing’s face kept changing.

One moment green, the next green.

He could only blame himself for being too curious.

Only to see that after looking around for a while, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Old ghost, old ghost, wait a minute, let me tell you something.”

The ghostly old man stopped in his tracks in confusion.

“Old Ghost, have you seen that strong man from the Martial Division!”

The ghostly old man thought there was something special about this man and slowly narrowed his eyes.

After a long time, he withdrew his whatever and looked at Wang Changxing in disbelief.

“There is nothing special about this person.”

Wang Changxing smiled cheaply and came up to the ghostly old man’s heels.

“What else were you doing when you were at his realm?”

The ghostly old man replied in a serious manner, “Following the master in cultivation!”

Receiving such an answer.

The corners of Wang Changxing’s mouth grinned directly to the roots of his ears.

“Let me tell you haha, Mr. Lin, at this realm he is already able to kill half-step Patriarchs.”

“Tsk tsk tsk!”

His idea was simple, it’s better to be happy alone than to be happy together, if you want to be uncomfortable we all have to be uncomfortable together!

The ghostly old man gave him a blank look, “Nuts!”

Then he didn’t bother to pay any more attention.

Unfortunately, the messy footsteps already betrayed Ghost Sou’s mood.

He could kill a half-step Grandmaster when he first entered the realm of martial artists.

Such a person was a complete pervert.

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