Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3997

When he was young, Director Qiu was considered a talented young man.

But as he grew older, his power continued to grow.

The youthful ambition that he had at the beginning was gradually smoothed out by the years.

Now, under the stimulation of Ma Bangde and the guidance of Lin Mo, the heart of Director Qiu had long been unchanged.

Director Qiu’s heart, which had long been unsettled, suddenly rippled.

“I seem to understand!”

With these words, Director Qiu’s originally depressed emotions slowly showed a hint of fading.

“Mr. Lin, if I rise to catch up now, can I still have a chance to touch that realm’s gate?”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously and stood up.

“Don’t you already have the answer in your mind! Why do you still need me to answer.”

After saying that the two of them understood each other by heart and smiled at each other.

At this moment, Director Qiu was suddenly radiant.

His aura was a little less stable and a little more impulsive.

After Lin Mo noticed the change in him, there was a little more relief in his eyes.

Although this Director Qiu had always been non-competitive, he had been diligent and conscientious.

All along, he had not been able to give any rewards.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo suddenly raised his arm.

“Close your eyes!”

Once Director Qiu heard these two words, he suddenly a*sociated them with something.

He forcibly suppressed the excitement that had suddenly risen in his heart.

Only after his emotions were completely calm did he slowly close his eyes.

As his eyes went black.

Director Qiu sensed a finger pressed against his eyebrow.

In the next second, a paragraph of text suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“The Art of Creation, follow the heavens and give birth to all things ……”

Although the words appeared, they were like the sound of the Great Dao Miao, resounding completely next to Director Qiu’s ears.

The aura within his body, seemingly under some kind of traction wisdom, actually involuntarily operated on its own at this moment.

At the same time.

The airtight room was violently smacked with a gust of wind.

But all the ornaments on the table were lifted off and hit the wall heavily.

There was a tinkling and a clamour.

Those sofas also made a creaking sound and were pushed straight out of the way.

The barriers that they had been hitting stopped moving.

As for those slightly lighter equipment, they were also tipped over to the ground under this fierce wind.

By the time Director Qiu opened his eyes again, the luxurious convalescent room was already in a mess.

He did not care about this at all.

With the opportunity, not to mention a convalescent room, even if he directly smashed the entire hospital.

His eyes wouldn’t even blow up.

Director Qiu withdrew his gaze and recalled the word creation, his eyes constantly glowing.

The top level heart technique, the Creation Technique.

Once again before, he, Lin Mo, had mentioned it, and his heart had only yearned for it.

Only now, after experiencing it for himself, did he realise the horror of the top-tier Heart Technique.

He felt the changes in his body carefully.

If he had said that the speed of his spiritual energy was a trickling river when he was cultivating before, then at this moment, it was a crashing roar.

At this moment, it was a roaring river.

And his realm, which had not moved for a long time, had unknowingly taken a big step forward.

At the level of Half-step Patriarch, the realm wanted to improve.

Even if it was just a little bit, it would be a difficult task.

In the past ten years or so, although his mind was calm.

However, he had never fallen behind in his cultivation.

Only the progress was minimal.

Right now, the improvement brought about by just one heart technique.

It had already completely surpa*sed his cultivation in the past ten years or so.

From this, one could see the terror of the top-tier Heart Technique.

And what surprised Chief Qiu the most was that.

He was one step away from the threshold of the Patriarch that had stopped countless people.

After noticing this, he couldn’t help but get excited, and even as steady as he was, his body bones trembled slightly.

“Mr. Lin, there are no words to thank you for the kindness that you have recreated!”

With that he struggled to get up from the sickbed.

“Please accept a bow from Mister Qiu!”

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