Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3998

Lin Mo looked at Director Qiu who was bending and bowing and did not put a stop to it.

This obeisance was completely deserved.

As he waited for Director Qiu to straighten his back, Lin Mo spoke and added.

“Although what I am imparting to you is only the upper scroll of the Creation Skill, it is still enough for you to cultivate.”

“The Law is not lightly pa*sed on the Dao is not sold cheaply.”

“This Heart Method may only be practiced by yourself, and if it is leaked, I will personally retrieve it.”

In the last sentence, Lin Mo’s tone seemed extremely serious.

The meaning was as obvious as it was, if Director Qiu dared to leak out the creation.

He, Lin Mo, would kill someone!

After hearing this, Director Qiu immediately swore repeatedly with a serious face.

“Mr. Lin, but rest a*sured, if I, Qiu, were to leak even the slightest bit of the Creation Technique’s heart.”

“Then I will be sent into a fire and the heavens will strike.”

He knew most clearly in his heart that Lin Mo could teach himself the Creation Technique, even if it was only the upper scroll.

That was still a great gift from the heavens.

The two of them were not relatives or friends.

Looking at it more seriously, of all the power lords in the three districts, only Ma Bangde was subordinated by Lin Mo by default.

The rest of them had neither shown their loyalty nor had any verbal agreement.

At most, they could only be regarded as a combination of interests for a common goal.

And Lin Mo was the leader of this interest group.

If one day, Lin Mo suddenly fell from power.

This group of power lords would certainly choose to defect to a new leader without hesitation.

With such a relationship, Lin Mo would pa*s on such a top-notch heart method to himself.

This was already a great gift.

Director Qiu knew in his heart that if he were in a different role.

He simply would not have been able to be so generous.

To be able to pa*s on his most precious top-notch Heart Technique so easily.

Thinking of this.

Director Qiu also made his own decision in his mind.

“If Mr. Lin doesn’t mind my lowly strength, I, Qiu, would like to saddle up for Mr. Lin.”

After saying that, he bowed once again and waited with nervousness for Lin Mo’s answer.

At this moment, Lin Mo was smiling.

This Director Qiu was very agreeable.

It was not in vain that he had generously pa*sed on the Creation Skill.


With a simple word, the relationship between the two changed completely.

From now on, this Director of the Martial Division was his Lin Mo’s subordinate in the true sense of the word.

One glory and one loss.

“Get up! In the future, when I reach the top, there will be a place for you.”

Hearing Lin Mo’s promise.

The big stone hanging in Director Qiu’s heart had completely fallen to the ground.

Before that, he had concerns.

A young genius like Lin Mo, as long as he didn’t die in the middle of his career.

As long as he didn’t die in the middle of his career, he would definitely be a man who would be at the top of the world.

Such a person would not be able to enter the eyes of any random person.

Those who can accompany him to the top of the world must not be just anyone.

He must not be one of them.

Although he was in a high position and had managed the strongest forces in the three districts for many years.

But such a status was not worth mentioning in front of Lin Mo.

As long as Lin Mo wanted to do it, he only needed to move his hand and exterminate it completely.

Right now, with this promise from Lin Mo, Director Qiu was completely at ease.

And now that the relationship between the two sides’ generals and subordinates had been established.

Director Qiu’s mind also became more lively.

“Mr. Lin, this trouble in District 2, do you have any plans on how to solve it?”

Lin Mo faintly shook his head.

Although Director Qiu had the intention and wanted to complete the great unification of Death Island as soon as possible.

However, due to the existence of the Crystal Skull, it had infinitely magnified the degree of difficulty in accomplishing this goal.

“There’s too much trouble behind this!”

Lin Mo pondered for a moment before voicing out his concerns.

“What you’re looking at in front of you is just that there’s me and a few other Patriarchs, as well as the game between District 2 and District 3.”

“But in reality, there are bigger obstacles behind this.”

Director Qiu did not answer, but simply waited quietly for the next words.

He was clear that the next words were the most important.

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