Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4005

Black Garden Headquarters.

Upon seeing Lin Mo’s arrival, the few guards on guard, came forward to greet him.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin!”

After Lin Mo briefly returned the greeting, he directly asked, “Has your boss, Black Rose, returned yet?”

The patrolling guards nodded: “Wait a moment, Mr. Lin, I’ll go and let Missy know.”

“There’s no need, take me there!” Lin Mo said indifferently.

Under the patrolling guard’s guidance.

Lin Mo quickly arrived at the room where Black Rose was.

The attendants outside the door were just about to salute when Lin Mo raised his hand to stop them.

“How is Miss Black Rose’s condition now?”

The maid shook her head and replied in a soft voice.

“Missy has been rather depressed ever since she returned, locking herself inside her room and hasn’t moved.”

After Lin Mo had understood the situation, it was with the people around him retreating to take refuge first.

Looking at the door of the room in front of him, he took a deep breath.

“Doggone Ma Bonder, I really owe you!”

After a slow grumble of resentment, he then raised his arm.

Only when he knocked on the door of the room, a serious scolding sound came from inside.

“Get lost, didn’t I say that no one was to bother me.”

“Now my words, you all dare to treat them like a whisper?”

Facing the hot-tempered Black Rose.

Lin Mo coughed awkwardly.

“It’s me, Lin Mo!”

At these words, a banging sound of objects clashing suddenly came from within the room.

It was also interspersed with the sound of this Black Rose’s cry of pain.

After a while, the door to the room was slowly opened.

With just a glance, Lin Mo saw the red swelling on Black Rose’s knee as well as her arm.

It was obvious that she had been knocked.

“Mr. Lin, what brings you here?”

Although he forced himself to put on a calm look of indifference.

However, Lin Mo still caught a hint of gloom from within her eyes.

So, Lin Mo pretended to speak carelessly.

“Nothing much, I just had nothing to do and came over to see you!”

“Let’s talk?”

After hesitating for a moment, Black Rose nodded silently and gave up her position.

“Mr. Lin, please come in!”

Lin Mo: “……”

Originally, he had only thought that it would be fine to have a casual chat with and Black Rose outside.

He didn’t expect this b*tch to directly invite her into her boudoir.

This was f*cking awkward!

However right now the atmosphere had blown up to here.

If he refused, he would only break Black Rose’s heart once again.

With nothing else to do, Lin Mo could only stiffen his head and walk into the room.

The room was not small.

It just didn’t want to be as pink and tender as other girls’ boudoirs.

Black Rose’s room was completely minimalist to the extreme.

Apart from the necessary furniture, curtains were drawn all around.

And Lin Mo also saw the handle of a pistol from the corner of the curtain that was exposed.

At this moment, he also finally understood why Black Rose was so flustered before opening the door.

What kind of girl would have a room full of firearms in her room.

At this moment, Black Rose naturally also noticed Lin Mo’s gaze.

Seeing that exposed corner, she immediately ran over and the curtain was pulled to the bottom.

Only then did she panic and invite to.

“Mr. Lin, please sit down, I’ll get you some tea.”

With that he fumbled and started rummaging around the room in various ways.

At the same time his mouth kept chanting.

“Where’s the teapot, where’s the tea, where did the lady’s maid, where did she hide all this stuff?…”

Lin Mo finally failed to hold back when he saw this hand-to-mouth look on his face.

“Miss Rose, it’s better to forget it!”

“I’m not thirsty either, so why don’t we just talk first!”

Black Rose gave the cabinet a reluctant glance before finally giving up helplessly.

Even if she found these things.

She didn’t know, either, how much tea to put in or how much water to add.

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