Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4006

Growing up with firearms, Black Rose was rarely exposed to these trivialities of life.

The Black Garden is a matriarchal system.

Ever since he was a director, he was told by his mother that her future was destined to inherit Black Garden.

So he grew up without any playmates.

The only toys he had were the various firearms and the knowledge of firearms.

As for life, the lady-in-waiting almost took care of everything.

So, when Lin Mo came to the door, he didn’t even know if there was tea in the room or where it was.

She didn’t know anything about it.

When she came to Lin Mo’s side again, she was like a little child who had taken measures.

Head down, muffled.

Lin Mo smiled faintly, not caring much, and opened his mouth to change the subject.

“Miss Rose, do you know the situation of your father’s generation?”

Hearing this question, Black Rose faintly froze, and after thinking back on that for a while.

She silently shook her head.

“My parents died in battle during the power struggle back then.”

“I don’t know much about the rest of the situation.”

For this point, Lin Mo knew in much more detail than Black Rose.

Back then, a huge conflict had erupted in the three districts because of the power struggle.

The forces that only fought in it, no matter how big or small, were all involved.

The chaotic strife continued for six years.

The winner was crowned and the loser was annexed.

Eventually the dust settled.

The ten major powers that exist today were formed.

It was during that time that Black Rose’s parents perished.

The manager of the Black Garden at the time, Black Rose’s grandmother, did not survive the pain of losing her daughter.

She pa*sed away!

Black Rose was then put in charge by the others, when she was only ten years old.

At that time, not only did she have to manage the Black Garden, she also had to defend herself against those forces that were watching her.

Thinking of all this, Lin Mo looked at Black Rose with deep meaning in his eyes, with a hint of admiration in his eyes.

From an ignorant young girl, she had developed into a strong woman who was now in charge of over 100,000 sect members.

The heartache and hardships involved were perhaps only clear to her.

After a moment of silence, Lin Mo spoke up and said.

“Miss Rose, you actually have a great-aunt.”


When Black Rose heard this, her willow brows frowned slightly.


After murmuring a word, she recalled it in detail.

It seemed that for as long as he could remember there had only been her and her late parents and grandmother in the whole family.

Other than that, there didn’t seem to be any other relatives.

As for the great aunt Lin Mo mentioned, he had never even heard of her.

“Mr. Lin I don’t seem to have this person in my memory!”

Lin Mo’s expression also became puzzled when he heard this.

According to the time calculation, before Ma Gang’s wife committed suicide, Black Rose had already remembered.

How could there be any memory of her.

a*sociated with what Director Qiu had said, that woman seemed to have been imprisoned all along.

Lin Mo once again opened his mouth and asked.

“When you were a child, did you ever see any other special people, such as being imprisoned somewhere?”

At the mention of this, Black Rose’s gaze suddenly lit up.

“I remember.”

“We did have a woman imprisoned after this backyard in the Black Garden.”

“Only Grandma never’s allowed herself to inquire about this person.”

“And then after that, I never saw this woman again.”

At this point, she stopped talking abruptly.

“Could that woman be my great-aunt?”

Lin Mo nodded, “Without surprise, that should be it.”

By this moment, Lin Mo was basically generally clear as to why Black Rose knew nothing about these matters.

Back then, the Black Garden and the Knife Sect, one in heaven and the other on earth.

The matter of Peiran’s private engagement with Ma Bangde was a complete slap in Black Garden’s face.

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