Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4009

Black Rose wasn’t stupid either.

After hearing this, she instantly understood Lin Mo’s meaning.

“Mr. Lin, is this a plan to transfer me out to calm down Ma Bangde’s discontent?”

Lin Mo scratched his head and didn’t choose to hide it, but said it directly.

“Both of them, I guess!”

“Old Ma’s lost wife’s grudge, and I’m in no position to persuade her to put it down.”

“Doing so is the best I can think of at the moment.”

After a few seconds’ pause, he added.

“Of course there is consideration for your Black Garden in it, and I’m afraid Old Ma will lose his head in this moment.”

“Endangering your safety!”

Previously, Ma Bond had been only verbally targeted.

Lin Mo was afraid that this b*****d would get carried away in the heat of the moment and do something impulsive.

Black Rose smiled faintly after hearing this.

“With Mr. Lin’s concern for this game, it’s enough.”

With that she changed her words and turned to ask.

“Only, if we are transferred away from the three districts, what should we do on the battlefield?”

“Without the restraint of fire from the Black Garden, should we let our men, with their flesh, fill in?”

In the whole of District Three, apart from the Black Garden, all the other forces used cold weapons or fists and feet as their means of attack.

If a big battle were to break out, there would be nothing but to charge with their lives.

Black Rose really couldn’t think of any other way.

At these words, Lin Mo’s expression suddenly became serious after being silent for half a second.

“Lawrence’s gun unit, I will personally exterminate it.”

Blackberry’s entire body froze in place in shock when he heard these words.

“Why is there a need for Mr. Lin to do so?”

All the power lords in the three districts knew that.

Lin Mo had an agreement with the Patriarchal master on Lawrence’s side.

Neither side could make a move against the ones below each other.

If Lin Mo were to break this agreement, the other side would definitely strike out in a thunderous manner as well.

At that time, Lin Mo would also be in danger.

Thinking of this, Black Rose suddenly became indignant.

“This Ma Bangde, what virtue does he have?”

“Perhaps it’s because of the cast, or perhaps it’s also because I owe it to him!”

Lin Mo responded.

“Although this b*****d is often a jerk, he is after all the first power to throw himself into my name.”

“Besides, I also promised him that I would help him uncover his son’s murderer.”

“But if I’m not wrong, I should be missing my promise.”

The three districts were now almost completely unified.

Lin Mo had also given orders earlier to search for Silver Jade with all his might.

It was just that so much time had pa*sed.

There was still no movement at all.

Even after Ji Dutuo showed up, there was no longer this woman that he had seen.

All signs indicated that this Silver Jade should have returned to the Seven Deadly Sins.

The promise that he had promised Ma Bangde to avenge her at the beginning would probably not be fulfilled either.

What Lin Mo was doing now was not an alternative complement to Ma Bangde’s group.

“It’s a bit of a pity.”

Black Rose’s face showed emotion after hearing this.

“If only I could have met Mr Lin earlier, why would I have let that simpleton take such a big advantage.”

“So it’s all fate!” Lin Mo responded.

In fact, whether it was Ma Bangde or Black Rose.

The two were actually extremely similar in their lives.

One had lost his wife in his youth and his son in middle age.

The other had lost both parents at a young age and had been pushed into a leadership position.

He had to support a huge and shaky power before he could even understand it.

Both are poor people.

They are both alone in the world.

The two of them, after chatting.

Lin Mo strolled around the loft again.

Only that apart from some simple essential furniture, there was nothing to discover.

As for the last room, it should be Pei Ran’s boudoir.

Lin Mo did not go in.

Behind him, Black Rose just kept following quietly.

Knowing that after leaving the backyard, she suddenly spoke up.

“Let Ma Bangde take Great Aunt back!”

In front of him Lin Mo paused in his steps and didn’t turn around.

“Thanks ……”

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