Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4008

Black Rose’s eyes were already hazy with tears after hearing this past story.

This sadness.

There is the longing for both parents, who have been growing up alone and miserable since the death of her parents.

There is also a deep sense of empathy, and how is this not also true for her at this moment.

Faced with the one she loves, there is a difference of clouds and clouds.

Of course, she also felt a deep sense of sympathy for her great-aunt.

“It is because of this that Old Ma has an extraordinarily strong hatred for your Sword Cult.”

“And this hatred has also spilled over to you, which is why he has been targeting you.”

After Lin Mo explained, he did not speak again.

There was nothing he could do to resolve matters above emotions even if he wanted to.

All the grudges still needed to be dealt with by them, the parties involved.

After listening, Black Rose also stayed quietly in place.

She could understand the kind of hatred that followed the loss of a wife.

But she also could not let go of the hurt that Ma Bond had inflicted on Black Garden and herself over the years.

Especially the words from inside the hospital.

It had completely shattered her love-struck heart.

“Mr. Lin, if conflict erupted between me and Ma Bond, how would you handle it?”

Faced with this cold question.

Lin Mo shook his head slightly.

He knew what Black Rose meant by her words.

“Miss Rose, I’m not happy to tell you the truth!”

“I actually already have a family and have a very cute daughter.”

When he said this, Lin Mo couldn’t help but have the appearance of his wife and daughter floating in his mind.

A happy smile could not help but appear at the corners of his mouth as well.

When these words were spoken, Black Rose’s body suddenly trembled.

The tears that were still swirling, finally failed to pop at this moment.

Words might be able to deceive people.

But that feeling of happiness from the heart could not deceive anyone.

From the time we met until now, this was the first time she had seen such a happy smile on Lin Mo’s face.

For a moment, she inexplicably produced a trace of envy.

How happy it would be to be with such a man!

While wiping away her teary eyes, Black Rose, for some reason, began to be curious about Lin Mo’s wife.

“Mr. Lin, do you miss your wife and daughter?”

Lin Mo struggled to nuzzle: “Does that even need to be asked?”

“Then why don’t you bring them along?”

Black Rose asked curiously.

“It should be happy for a family to be together, right?”

At her question, a trace of sadness appeared in Lin Mo’s mood as well.

“If I could, I would want to!”

“It’s just that I carry too much on my back!”

“My wife is also a martial aversion body, so she can’t cultivate at all, so if she were to follow me around, she would not only be tired but also dangerous.”

This was also Lin Mo’s greatest regret.

Obviously, he possessed a superb medical heritage, but he couldn’t do anything to change his fate against the heavens.

There was no solution to the averse martial body, relying on human power alone.

Black Rose listened quietly to Lin Mo’s words, and her gaze never left.

“Mr. Lin and I will talk about it in detail?”

“I want to know about your past!”

Even though it was no longer possible for herself and Lin Mo.

But she still wanted to know a little more about Lin Mo.

It seemed that only in this way could that lost emotion of hers turn out to be better.

Lin Mo looked at her lost look and didn’t know how to refuse.

He could only slowly say.

“Blood feud, right!”

“Is the other side very strong?” Black Rose asked after her.

“Well, very strong, and there are many of them, picking one at random would be enough to plough Death Island dozens of times.”

It wasn’t that Lin Mo was trying to scare Black Rose.

Whether it was the Xie family, or the Japanese, or any other mastermind behind the scenes.

Any other one that came out at random would be a giant tree for Death Island.

Even the Seven Deadly Sins would not be enough to see in front of it.

“If you’re worried, you can talk to me in advance.”

“I can send you away! After all, this Island of Death is not a good place either ……”

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