Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4013

The next day, it was still slightly light.

A noisy burst of firecrackers exploded directly into the sky.

Not to mention the sleepy-eyed residents, who woke up with a stiff noise.

“Who the hell is this? It’s so early in the morning that people can’t even sleep.”

After complaining, many people pushed open their windows straight away and were about to break into a tirade.

However, when they received the bride’s procession, which could not be seen at the end of the day, the person who was leading it was.

Everyone was instantly dumbfounded, shrinking their necks and not daring to speak.

At the same time, they were also puzzled.

This Ma Bangde was actually preparing to marry his bride?

There was no news of such a big event beforehand.

All eyes were on him.

A tall stallion slowly crossed the street, facing the early morning breeze.

The lush, silky mane swayed gently.

Around the horse’s neck was a large, dazzling red flower.

And on top of the horse’s back sits the strutting horse Bond.

He is dressed in a red-coloured cloud dress and has a stout figure.

To the point of being a handsome man.

“Mr. Lin, do you think I look good dressed like this?”

On the side, Lin Mo had a tired face, facing Ma Bangde’s question, he mechanically numbly returned.

“It looks good, the most handsome groom on Death Island is none other than you.”

“Mr. Lin, would you say that the preparation is perfect enough?”

“Enough is enough, it’s perfect.”

How many times had Lin Mo repeated such conversational words?

From the moment he set off, this Ma Bangde had to confirm it once in a while.

Lin Mo had already been distraught by now.

Who would have thought that this person would find himself yesterday and beg him to be a witness to his marriage.

At first, Lin Mo actually refused.

It was only when Ma Bangde poured out his tears and snot to his wife that he owed her.

The two of them had been together until his wife’s death.

He himself had not been able to give her a wedding.

Now although his wife has died, Ma Bond said that he would make up for this regret.

And bite the bullet, put the world, there is no wedding can let the patriarch be the main bride more prestigious pull.

Lin Mo saw that he was sincere in his emotions, so he agreed to do so.


Ma Bangde then began to toss and turn, visiting all the power lords in the three districts.

Begging for grandparents and asking for the rest from the hands of the ghostly old man, these two batches of steeds.

They were also the only two batches of steeds left in the three districts.

Afterwards, Ma Bangde ordered his men to find the best tailors.

He worked through the night to make the dress.

He worked until dawn, which led to the magnificent scene before him.

Lin Mo turned his head and looked at the wedding procession that could not be seen.

He couldn’t help but slap his forehead.

Even crying and howling, he had borrowed this 300,000-strong bridal procession from other power lords!

Just ask who else under this heaven could do such a thing besides Ma Bangde.

“Mr. Lin, just tell me, under this heaven, who can get married with a poker face like mine.”

Ma Bangde said smugly as he straightened his clothes and crown.

Lin Mo looked at the back in front of him.

In the end, he also controlled the impulse to make a stormy move.

After all, this was a nominal wedding celebration for him.

Let’s just let this b*****d fool around for a day.

The terrifying bridal party advanced very slowly.

Of course this was also the intention of the horse gang.

Before that, he had specifically sought out a feng shui master.

Twelve o’clock noon was an auspicious time to receive the bride.

So the long procession, like a giant dragon, slowly made its way towards its destination.

Everywhere they pa*sed, people looked at them.

The procession was as huge as anything they had ever seen in their lives.

The people of the Black Garden, after seeing the oncoming procession.

They were straight away baffled!

If they hadn’t seen the news in advance.

They thought that someone was coming to attack their Black Garden.


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