Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4019

The front line of Zone 2.

A kind of henchman within the tent, looking at Clegg at this point.

It was as if they were looking at a wild beast in a frenzy.

All of them bowed their heads in a breath and silently prayed for their own.

“Where is the chief of the guard of the gun store, bring him to me.”

The words had not fallen for a moment.

The five-legged Chomu was thrown into the tent by the soldiers under his command.

When Clegg saw this man, he stared at him with a deadly glare of fire.

“What did you promise me before!”

“You said that as long as you were around, not a mosquito could fly into the gun store.”

“And this is how you keep your promise now?”

Clegg became more and more angry as he spoke and kicked him a few metres away.

Qiao Mu only felt a huge pain in his chest.

A mouthful of blood was then spurted out.

Holding back the pain, he spoke with difficulty.

“Clan Chief, this matter is my incompetence.”

“I beg the clan chief, give me a chance to make up for my mistakes.”

After hearing this, Clegg slowly narrowed his eyes.

“Make amends?”

“You have committed such a terrible crime, and you still think you can live?”

His body was already tightly surrounded by a thick killing spirit.

At this moment, if Jomu’s next sentence did not satisfy Clegg.

The next moment would be Qiao Mu’s death.

“Lord Patriarch, I don’t want to live!”

“But I want to use my life to wash away this humiliation.”

Qiao Mu’s tone was filled with resentment.

The b*****ds in District 3 had caused all of this.

If it wasn’t for them themselves why would they have been reduced to such a dire situation.

His eyes instantly became bloodshot at the thought of the humiliation he had suffered that night.

Clegg’s angry scowl eased when he heard this.

“What do you want to do about it?”

By the time Qiao Mu had spoken out the plan he had in mind.

The scene was suddenly in an uproar.

Even Clegg nodded his head repeatedly with a satisfied face.

“Good, go ahead and do it, your wife and children, we, the Lawrence family, have helped you raise them.”

Loosely bound Joki knelt down towards and kowtowed.

Then walked out of the place with a strong sense of death wish.


The battlefield became calm again as in the old days.

The direct friction between the two sides also became less and less.

If not for the fact that both sides have millions of troops facing each other.

Some people would have thought the war was over.

Wang Changxing received a new round of battle orders and began to deploy.

Deng Deng Deng!

When he heard a knock at the door, Wang Changxing continued to work on his task without raising his head.

“Come in!”

“Your Highness, the brothers outside said they received a half-dead man.”

The subordinate reported.

“Looking at the clothes on that man, it seems that he is still a general of no lesser rank on the other side.”

“Do you want to go and take a look!”

Hearing this news, Wang Changxing came to be interested.

“Lead the way!”

Under the leadership of his men, Wang Changxing quickly rushed over.

At this moment, the scene was already surrounded by people in three layers and three layers outside.

And the sound of chatter was also long lasting.

“Tsk, tsk, this is too badly beaten!”

“Are all of Lawrence’s men this hard?”

“This guy is also lucky, he’s still alive even after being beaten like this!”

Under the awe of the crowd.

Wang Changxing walked through the crowd.

At this moment, there was a man covered in blood lying on the ground.

The bloodied legs had been completely smashed.

Pieces of leg bones could still be seen in them.

The upper half of his body was equally miserable.

The chest, as well as the abdomen, appeared to have been dragged over a long period of time, and the ribs could now be seen.

The hands were in a similar condition.

“How did you find him!”

Wang Changxing had just finished asking, when a brother in charge of scouting came out from the middle of the crowd.

“We met him halfway through our reconnaissance.”

“When we saw him, he was crawling towards our side of Zone 3 ……”

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