Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4020

Wang Changxing stared at the bloody man in front of him for a long time.

From his clothing alone and the insignia he carried on his shoulder, he could tell that this man’s status was not low.

At the very least, he was at the level of a general.

But why would such a person be treated so cruelly?

After pondering for a while, there was no clue.

Wang Changxing directly called for the paramedics.

“Take him to treatment first! If he can be saved, then we can interrogate him to find out his identity.”

With the appearance of this man.

The original calm formation could only also have one more topic of conversation.

“What are you talking about?”

Ma Gang was the first to return to the front line after three nights of vigil at his wife’s grave.

At the moment, his state was a little tired.

But his eyes were much clearer.

“Greetings, Godfather!”

After seeing Ma Bangde, the swordsman hurriedly greeted him.

Then he spoke about the matter.

“Two days ago, our scouts picked up a half-dead general from the other side on the road.”

“And it’s all still being resuscitated?”

The opposing general appeared half-dead on the front line of the engagement.

This incident instantly aroused Ma Bond’s curiosity.

“Have the identities been investigated?”

The swordsman responded.

“A few of the brothers who were involved in the surprise attack earlier said that the man seemed to be the general of the gun depot.”

“But it was so dark at the time that they couldn’t be completely sure.”

“Moreover, the brothers who found him, said that the man was completely disabled on both legs and had crawled out entirely on his hands.”

When Ma Bond heard this, his interest intensified.

He only saw him raise his eyebrows and immediately spoke.

“Take me over there and see!”


Arriving at a nearby hospital.

Through the gla*s window, Ma Bond finally saw the half-dead patient in the resuscitation room.

“Crap, it’s really him!”

The first time he saw this person, Ma Bond immediately recognised him.

This man was indeed the leader of the gun warehouse.

“It seems that he was a bad watchman and was punished by Clegg.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, that’s too bad.”

The crowd didn’t have any worries about this man to.

A half-dead invalid, what danger could he become.

Moreover, before coming here, the man’s clothes had been pulled off and examined.

Nothing suspicious was found.

“Let the hospital go through the rescue process! This man is of great use.”

Ma Bangde pondered for a while before speaking up and instructing.

He could lead 100,000 troops and see that the gun store was such an important place.

This man’s position on Lawrence’s side must be very high.

Naturally, he must also know a lot.

If he could save this man, he might be able to get a lot of valuable information out of him.

Thinking of this, he turned his head and left the hospital immediately, and turned his head to look for Lin Mo.

“Mr. Lin, do you still remember our previous surprise attack, when they had a gun store?”

Lin Mo raised his eyebrows and gave him an impatient look.

“Get straight to the point!”

After a while, he would have to instruct these power lords on their cultivation.

Right now, he still had to prepare some corresponding pills, as well as martial techniques to attach to them.

Where was the time to bullsh*t with this b*****d.

Ma Bangde scratched his head and gave a heated smile.

“The town general of their gun store was picked up by our scouts.”

Picked up?

The word seemed more than a little awkward.

And when Ma Bangde recapped the original story of what happened.

Only then did Lin Mo understand.

“You think this person thought of crawling to our third district to escape after being punished?”

This was too far-fetched.

The two places were dozens of kilometres away from each other.

To crawl over here by hand, isn’t that a death wish?

But Ma Bond didn’t think so.

“Mr Lim, you think ha, he is desperate.”

“The only hope of staying alive is on our side.”

“At this time, who can think so much, don’t you think so ……”

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