Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4025

“Cough cough! Cough ……”

Hearing the continuous coughing and shivering sounds around him.

Mabundle couldn’t help but frown.

“What’s going on with you guys?”

“Godfather, I’m not sure!”

Beside him, several of the close guard swordsmen covered their mouths and tried their best to explain.

“Just this sudden and inexplicable urge to cough and shiver, and it feels like this lung is on fire!”

Ma Bond frowned and asked, “When did this symptom start?”

“It seems to have been like this since I came out of the hospital this afternoon.”

“I suspect it was infected in the hospital, and I blame that son of a b*tch Keung.”

“I’ve told him to see a doctor earlier if he has a cold, and now he’s infected us all, cough cough ……”

Hearing these words, Ma Bangde’s heart tightened.

The strength of his own men, he knows best but.

Especially his own what these few.

The actual people of the church are one of the best.

Naturally, their physiques were hardened.

Although not invulnerable to poison, at least they would not be infected by a small cold.

When he thought of this, a sense of foreboding came over Ma Bangde.

“Inform down that everyone stays in their respective tents and does not move about.”

The swordsmen turned around and were about to leave.

But before they could walk out the door, Mabundle called out to them again.

“Never mind, you stay here and don’t move anywhere until I return.”

With that he simply got up and left.

Only he felt just out of the guys.

There was a continuous coughing sound from all around.

At this moment, his brow furrowed even deeper and hostile aura ran around his body.

The pace of his feet could not help but quicken a few points.

When he arrived at the front line, where the Sword Sect was stationed, his face instantly became even more gloomy.

Looking around, there were already many people, bent over and coughing violently.

Before he could walk into Ah Qiang’s tent, there were shouts of alarm from inside.

“Captain Ah Qiang, how come you can still spit blood!”

“I, Ma Shan, will go and get a doctor to come.”

Hearing the commotion, Ma Bangde’s heart went cold and he immediately braced himself.

“Listen to the people in the tent, from now on all of you are forbidden to enter or leave.”

As the words fell, anxious words came back from inside.

“Godfather, Captain Ah Qiang he ……”

“I know!”

The horse gang’s stern voice returned.

“You will only get other brothers killed if you come out now!”

After saying that, he took a deep breath.

“Brothers of the Knife Sect listen up, the situation is urgent right now.”

“Everyone return to their tents immediately.”

The situation at hand was dire, and he simply did not have time to explain too much.

He could only order the brothers underground through this strong-arm tactic.

As soon as his order came out.

The swordsmen stationed here did not dare to stay.

Immediately, they put down the work in their hands and returned to their tents at the first opportunity.

In the blink of an eye, the tent was empty outside.

“No matter what happens, it is forbidden to step out of the tent, or else you will be killed without pardon!”

Ma Bangde left an iron-clad instruction afterwards.

He flew up to Wang Changxing.

“Old Wang, things may be troublesome!”

After pushing the door in, Ma Bangde said with an anxious expression.

Wang Changxing was still full of excitement as he sorted through the information he had extracted from Qiao Mu’s mouth.

Seeing Ma Bangde in such a hurry, he subconsciously snickered.

“What’s the matter, old Ma, so anxious to rush into reincarnation!”

“D*mn it, I don’t have time to joke with right now.”

Ma Bangde looked furious and stepped forward to grab Wang Changxing’s collar.

Only just as he raised his hand, his face changed violently.

He had just heard Wang Changxing start coughing as well.

“Old Wang …… you …… have been infected too?”

Wang Changxing, who was an afterthought, had not yet reacted.

“Ahem ……”

“What’s infected, it’s just a change of season, just a little cold …… cough cough”

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