Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4026

“A little cold?”

Marbond’s eyes filled with blood and began to growl madly.

“You call that a little cold?”

“Do you know how many people are infected out there right now, and you’re still f*cking talking to me about a little cold?”

This comment came out.

Wang Changxing also realised that the situation was not good.

Getting up, he immediately opened the window.

In order not to be affected by the outside world, his office was protected by special sound insulation.

At this moment, the window was opened.

The continuous coughing and shivering sounds from all around him instantly reached his ears.

He even saw that not far away, a member of the Turbid Youth Gang was already but coughing up blood.

At this moment.

He only felt a spinning in the sky and his eyes turned black.

His feet went weak and he sat down directly on the ground.

It was obvious.

An acute contagious disease had broken out across the front line.

“Quickly, Old Ma, hurry up and invite Mr. Lin.”

At this moment, he was already infected and it was impossible for him to go out.

Ma Bangde gave a cold snort.

Originally, he had thought of finding Wang Changxing to work out a solution together.

Who would have thought that the b*****d himself was infected.

Just as Ma Bangde was about to leave and report back to Lin Mo.

Inside the room, the light wavered.

“There’s no need, I’m already here!”

Seeing the person who came.

Ma Bangde couldn’t wait to greet him and said straight out.

“Mr. Lin, the master is not well ……”

At this moment, Lin Mo also had a gloomy face, not waiting for Ma Bangde to finish, he raised his hand and said.

“I already know the matter!”

When the coughing people appeared one after another.

He had already sensed the anomaly.

“I have also found the source of the spread!”

“Who is it?”

Ma Bangde and Wang Changxing had the opportunity to speak in unison.

At this moment, the duo’s gaze was already filled with killing intent.

No matter who this person was, he must be killed.

Only, when Wang Changxing saw Lin Mo’s gaze looking towards his own.

His heart gave a violent jerk.

Up until then, the front line had been calm and quiet.

Until his scouts, after picking up the general of that place.

Then it all suddenly exploded.

With this in mind, Wang Changxing faced panic and breathed heavily as he asked.

“Mr. Lin, the source of the infection you’re talking about, it wouldn’t be that Qiao Mu, would it?”

The mention of this person.

Ma Bangde also instantly reacted.

There simply couldn’t be any other reason other than this person.

Without waiting to see Lin Mo’s answer, Ma Bangde’s eyes opened in anger and he directly opened his mouth to curse angrily.

“My Cao Nima’s Wang Changxing!”

“We’re all going to be killed by you.”

If not for his concern that Wang Changxing was also an infected person, Ma Bangde would have already taken action.


Lin Mo frowned and stopped.

“What’s the point of pursuing responsibility now.”

“Besides, people Old Wang didn’t know about it either.”

This was something that he, including Lin Mo himself, hadn’t thought of.

Only after Ma Bangde had calmed down did he continue to speak.

“That Qiao Mu I’ve already made him talk.”

“The matter of the infectious disease was indeed brought about by his intention.”

“Only he doesn’t know, exactly what this disease is.”

This was the most troublesome thing.

The first time Lin Mo noticed the abnormality he found Qiao Mu.

After prying his mouth open, he did get some information though.

But this person seemed to have foreknowledge that he would be interrogated and did not know anything about this infectious disease.

After listening to the information Lin Mo shared out.

Ma Bangde asked nervously.

“Mr. Lin, will this disease cause death?”

This question was also what Wang Changxing wanted to ask.

At this moment, both of them were staring at Lin Mo with panic, expecting an answer they wanted to hear.

However, it was not to be.

Lin Mo nodded with a stony face.

“Unfortunately, not only is this disease extremely capable of spreading, but it is also an infectious disease with an extremely high death rate!”

Hearing this, the two power lords instantly widened their eyes.

Especially Wang Changxing, who was already a pale at this point.

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