Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4030

Zhang Meng left a short while later.

In the distance, a figure rushed over with a fart.

“Brother Lin, your men don’t know what they’re doing!”

After the Sea Wolf King’s doppelganger arrived, he was greeted with a lick.

“These people are new here and don’t know your great name.”

“I will teach them a good lesson later.”

With that he turned towards the surrounding men and lifted his foot to deliver a flying kick.

“Lin Mo is my brother, let your hood shine a little brighter in future, don’t be rude.”

If it was in normal times, Lin Mo would still be in the mood, watching him perform.

But right now, things were urgent, so he didn’t have time to watch him act.

“Come on, don’t be pretentious!”

“I can let the matter of you standing me up last time go.”

“But this time, I need a favour from your people at the Sea Wolf Temple!”

-They are in a tight spot right now.

It was just the right time to use this Sea Wolf Hall.

Once the Sea Wolf King heard this, he naturally nodded his head in succession.

“Brother Lin, speak as soon as you can.”

“Not to mention one, even if it was a hundred, we would be willing to do it.”

For this ruthless man who had even killed the Three and Five Sect Masters of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Sea Wolf King was feared from his bones.

Lin Mo was too lazy to listen to his nonsense and spoke directly.

“Right now, there is a major event that requires a large number of men.”

“Haven’t your Sea Wolf Hall’s men been empty all along?”

“From now on, all of your people, listen to Director Qiu’s command, any comments?”

The Sea Wolf Temple had over 200,000 people at full count.

It was almost enough to use.

“That’s naturally no problem at all!”

The Sea Wolf King immediately agreed.

“Zhang Mang, you have heard it all, from now on, our Sea Wolf Hall will be under the management of Director Qiu.”

“If anyone doesn’t cooperate, or deliberately stumbles in secret, you’ll deal with him directly.”

Hearing this, Lin Mo was then satisfied and patted the Sea Wolf King’s shoulder.

“You’re on the right track!”

“I won’t pursue the previous matter.”

“You should make a good handover as soon as possible, I don’t wish to see any disclosure in the matter at hand.”

“Otherwise, I will personally go to Hyde Hot Springs to meet you for tea!”

Hearing the name of the place.

The Sea Wolf King’s body shivered uncontrollably.

Hyde Hot Springs wasn’t a remarkable place to begin with.

However, this place was indeed where his doppelganger and Lan Dieyi were hiding.

This was also the point where he feared Lin Mo the most.

It seemed that no matter where he hid, he could not escape Lin Mo’s eyes.

Thinking of this, a look of fear was already written all over the Sea Wolf King’s gaze.

This young man was simply too terrifying.

“What are you still standing there for?”

“All of the management, get your a*ses out of here and report to Director Qiu.”

“Whoever is a step behind, I’ll rip his head off straight away.”

After the angry roar.

The people in the room did not dare to delay.

In groups of three or five, they rolled and crawled towards the direction of the Martial Division.

Only after the in-situ Sea Wolf King finished making the arrangements did he smile and ingratiate himself with this Lin Mo.

“Brother Lin Mo, what you have arranged, I will definitely arrange for you in a stable manner.”

“As long as you need it, just talk to me.”

Lin Mo was full of disgust and waved his hand.

“Such useless words, you’d better keep them to yourself.”

After saying that, Lin Mo turned around and prepared to leave.

“Oh, right, there is one more thing that I forgot to tell you.”

“Your Second Sect Master Ji Dutuo has already arrived on the island, so you should take care of yourself!”

After saying that he leapt and disappeared from here.

In situ, the Sea Wolf King was directly stunned.

Frozen in place, he could not stop his feet from swaying.

Of all the Seven Deadly Sins, the one he feared most was Ji Dutuo, the smiling tiger.

This man was not only unparalleled in his wisdom and strength, but also unfathomable.

His methods were even more poisonous.

Beneath his smiling face, he was a terrifying demon.

Once you fall into the hands of such a person, it will be a fate worse than death ……

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