Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4031

The reason why Lin Mo did not pull the Sea Wolf Hall into the union of the three district forces.

The main reason was because Lin Mo couldn’t trust this Sea Wolf King.

His goal was purely for the Crystal Skull, and when the day Lan Dieyi’s bloodline awakened.

That was when the Sea Wolf King would leave.

This kind of person could not guarantee that one day, he would sell all his other companions.

Moreover, Lin Mo had other arrangements for the Sea Wolf Temple.

After Lin Mo finished dealing with the affairs of the Sea Wolf Temple.

He went to the frontline again.

Only when he saw the isolation zone built by the Blade Sect was he relieved.

Right now, the people at the front line were time bombs every day.

No matter what, they must not be allowed to come to the rear.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.

The line of sight returned to the Martial Division’s side.

Within the hall, Director Qiu was still coming to pace anxiously back and forth.

Not long after, the attendant suddenly stumbled in.

“Director, it’s not good, they’re people from the Sea Wolf Hall killing over!”

Hearing this, Director Qiu didn’t help but frown.

The Sea Wolf Temple killing over?

How could it be so absurd!

With his doubts, he arrived on top of the square.

The immediate scene in front of him did startle him as well.

Dense heads of people scurried back and forth.

The scene was a hundred times more lively than a food market.

It was roughly estimated that there were as many as 10,000 people today.

The crowd was boisterous!

“Why hasn’t this Director Qiu come out yet?”

“If we can’t, we should go straight in and find him!”

The crowd suggested anxiously.

At this point, it was no longer possible for them not to be anxious.

They had seen with their own eyes that several of their companions, who had weak legs, had been beaten up by the Sea Wolf King directly on the ground.

They didn’t know why their master was so afraid of that brat.

But the miserable cries of pain were a clear reminder to them.

If they didn’t do as they were told, they would be beaten up!

Not long afterwards.

The crowd had also finally met the right person.

With the appearance of Director Qiu, Zhang Meng’s eyes at the front of the crowd lit up.

“All of you, be quiet!”

With a stern shout, the noisy scene then gradually quietened down.

“What are you guys?” Director Qiu asked with a puzzled expression.

The group of people in front of them all seemed to have an official position in the Sea Wolf Hall.

The least of them was also the captain of a hundred-man squad.

Just as Hua Ying had fallen, Zhang Meng ran up to Director Qiu’s face with a fart.

“Our Palace Master has ordered that from today onwards, all members of the Sea Wolf Palace will follow Director Qiu’s instructions.”

As he said this, Zhang Meng looked at Director Qiu with an anxious face, fearing that he would refuse.

It was only at this moment that Director Qiu also finally understood.

It turned out that this was the solution to the lack of manpower that Lin Mo had mentioned.

The situation was urgent at the moment.

Director Qiu naturally did not have time to exchange pleasantries with him and spoke in a straightforward manner.

“It’s too late for me to explain to you what’s going on.”

“Right now, there is an urgent need for you to arrange for all the residents to return to their homes for quarantine.”

“My request is simple, not a single resident will be allowed to be shadowed on the streets until the sun goes down.”

“Can that be done?”

The Sea Wolf Temple crowd first looked at each other in disbelief.

Then they shouted in unison.


The loud sound shot straight up to the clouds.

Although they too were full of doubts.

However, since their Hall Master had already given the word and Director Qiu had given the task.

Then there was no need to dwell on it do it and be done with it.

After Chief Qiu’s instructions, the crowd directly flew off.

The three districts had a population of tens of millions.

If they wanted to complete this mission before the afternoon, they couldn’t do it without being in a hurry.

As the Seawolf Temple swarmed in all directions.

The true Third District was also thoroughly noisy.

“Listen up everyone, hurry up and get the hell home!”

“On what basis? On the strength of my big slap, I’ll go to your mother ……”

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