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Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4039

Gunfire erupted between the upper forests.

Although the Black Gardeners had fired first, they had taken many of their opponents with them.

But they were still at an absolute disadvantage, both in terms of terrain and numbers.

They were surrounded on all sides.

They had no cover at all.

In addition, the other side was at a high altitude.

In just ten minutes or so, more than half of the Black Garden’s men were left behind forever.

The scarlet blood had even gathered into a small stream, flowing continuously.

Only, even though the form had reached such a point.

The Black Rose and her men were still fearless.

All the time until they ran out of bullets.

“Eldest Miss, we are out of bullets!”

Black Rose touched the ammunition pack at her waist, which was also empty.

“Which one of you has ammunition left!”

“I’m out!”

“I’m out too!”


The successive replies also caused Black Rose’s face to become more and more gloomy.

With the gun in her hand after firing the last round.

She turned her head and shouted at a group of her men.

“Sisters, fight in close quarters!”


The original 50,000-odd men were now down to less than 20,000.

Facing the imposing enemy.

Without the slightest fear, the group of women directly drew out the daggers above their strapped legs.

Under the leadership of Black Rose, all of them immediately charged towards the local formation.

Lawrence’s side of the camp.

The leader’s deputy was about to give the order to fire.

Flood, who had slowed down, also returned to the front of the position.


“Do our soldiers in Lawrence not have the courage to fight a bunch of p*ssies in close quarters?”

He scolded with a grim look on his face.

A group of gunslingers behind him, their faces flushed at the words.

After a cold grunt from Flood, he said angrily.

“Leave this p*ssy Black Rose to me, I’ll show her what happens when she dares to cheat me.”

If before he was drooling over Black Rose’s beauty.

At this moment, he was already completely moved to kill.

That kick from Black Rose had completely enraged him.

Once the order was given.

All the gun soldiers, likewise, pulled out their short swords.


As he ran down the hill, the two torrents soon engaged in battle.

All at once.

The sounds of hissing and screaming mingled!

The two sides were like two meat grinders as blood splattered all over the scene.

Hundreds and thousands of people were killed in just one encounter.

Although the women of the Black Garden were quite skilled, they could not withstand several times the number of enemies.

As the battle continued.

More and more people fell in a pool of blood.

The number of sisters beside Black Rose also became fewer and fewer.

Yet the enemies continued to come in a steady stream.

“Eldest Miss be careful!”

Just as Black Rose was fighting to kill the enemy, the adjutant beside her pushed her away.

When Black Rose turned her head again.

Fred was standing not far away with a gloomy face.

As for the life lieutenant, he had struck a full blow straight through the chest cavity.

“What an obstructive thing!”

Fred shook off the blood from his palm and walked straight towards Black Rose.

Meeting again, Flood’s face already had hostility written all over it.

A fierce gaze, with a murderous intent surging.

“Shame on you, you shameless b*****d!”

After cursing angrily.

He arrived at the root with a flash.

Black Rose had just thrust out her dagger when she only felt a pain in her wrist.

“That’s all you’ve got, and you dare to show off in front of me.”

After a vicious taunt from Fred, his arm used force.


There was a crisp sound of fractures.

Black Rose’s face instantly turned pale, and beads of sweat continued to emerge from her forehead.

The dagger in her hand, directly fell to the ground.

Only although her wrist was broken by the other party, breaking she still had to clench her teeth.

A kick went straight to Flood’s crotch.

Faced with the same attack, Flood’s face became even more ugly.


The sound of bones breaking rang out again.

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