Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4040

Ten minutes later.

The Black Garden side of the camp.

There were less than a thousand people still standing.

Yet the enemy’s numbers did not seem to change at all.

The crowds of people only made people despair.

The Black Rose, cut off in another part of the field, had fallen to the ground and was dying.

All her limbs were broken.

The deputy had also been hit by a fist blast from Flood.

The blood now spitting out of her mouth was laced with bits of entrails.

“Sl*t, isn’t it good to obey me?”

“Just have to be a b*tch!”

Fred crouched down with a mocking face, his mood obviously much better after abusing Black Rose.

As he said that, he even stretched out his palm.

He brushed Black Rose’s handsome face, which was covered with blood.

However, the moment his fingertips touched Black Rose’s skin, he only heard a yuck.

A mouthful of blood came crashing down on him.

Although Flood reacted quickly enough to sidestep in time.

But the collar of his shirt was still stained with blood.

Such a move enraged him completely.

The only remaining sense of playfulness was completely gone.

“D*mn it, if you insist on seeking death, I’ll make it happen.”

After a roar of rage, Fred raised his paw high towards the neck of Black Black Rose.

When the palm of his foot fell, that was the time for Black Rose to die.

When the Black Garden crowd saw this, they panicked.

But now the battlefield had been completely cut out.

Even if they had the intention to rescue them, they were unable to do so.

“Eldest Miss, be careful!”

After turning her head, Black Rose showed a miserable smile towards her men with blood on her face.

Then she slowly closed her eyes.

Quietly waiting for death to come.

Seeing that her neck was about to be cut off, Black Rose could even hear the sound of her feet slicing through the air.

It was at this moment of utmost urgency.

A cold light shot out.

Fred’s heart flinched, his sense of crisis rising in his heart, and he dared not hesitate in the slightest.

He hurriedly leapt back and left his spot.

However, although his reaction was quick, he was still a small step too slow.


The sharp longsword instantly penetrated his thigh.

Not caring about the pain, Fred gritted his teeth and looked around him warily.

In a matter of moments.

A figure descended from the sky and landed in front of Black Rose.

Fred saw the visitor and did not feel contempt because of his youthful appearance.

He had to be fast enough to strike like that.

He must not be an ordinary person.

“The Laurens Family Flood is current.”

“May I ask who you are?”

The first to report the family behind his own, thinking is to be able to shock the place.

Yet though he thought so.

But the gunslingers underground did not have such an awareness.

Seeing that Lin Mo did not speak, one of the captains immediately pulled down his face.

“Kid, where is our Furender answer to ask you?”

“Why are you still mute?”

At these words, Ru Ru Ru De secretly exclaimed that he was stupid.

Just as he was about to chastise this person, Lin Mo moved.

With a casual wave of his hand!

The previously arrogant captain’s face stiffened violently.

A wound with a big pinhole smile appeared at the center of his brow.

A breeze pa*sed by!

The man turned rigid and collapsed on top of the bottom surface.

“Touching my people, trying to do so arrogantly!”

Accompanied by a cold snort from Lin Mo.

Its identity was also revealed by itself.

“It’s someone from District 3, brothers, get him for me!”

It wasn’t just He who roared out in anger.

All the guards instantly pulled out their firearms.

Click, click, click!

The safety was C*cked.

Countless tongues of fire instantly poured out.


Although the speed of the bullets was fast, Lin Mo’s speed was even faster.

The group of gunmen only felt that their eyes were shaken before Lin Mo’s and Black Rose’s figures disappeared from sight.

A glimpse of the whole picture!

Seeing such a terrifying speed, Fred had a bad feeling.

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