Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4042

Surrounded by regiments.

Lin Mo merely gave a glance.

The enemies in front of him instantly gave way to a lane.

All the guards were scared by his killing.

In just ten minutes, nearly 30,000 lives were directly buried by Lin Mo’s hands.

Such a terrifying figure shocked all the people around him.

Even though they were carrying firearms, none of them dared to move.

They could only hold their breath as they watched Lin Mo lead the women and leave the area step by step.

However, just as Lin Mo was about to step out of the encirclement, four figures suddenly appeared.

Four figures suddenly appeared behind him.

“Brother Lin Mo, aren’t you going a little too far this time!”

Hearing this familiar voice Lin Mo stopped in his tracks.

What was supposed to come, was always going to come.

From the moment he decided to help Black Rose fulfil her heart’s desire.

He had already anticipated the scene of the moment.

“You guys go first!”

Lin Mo turned around and then said lightly towards the Black Garden women.

“Lin ……” The adjutant who had survived was just about to say something.

Lin Mo’s silver colour sank: “Hurry up and go!”

“Take the black roses and go to the collar low in the third district and wait for me.”

“Remember never to go in to the front line!”

Right now, the front line of Zone 3 was completely covered by an unknown contagion.

If they entered, the only result would be just a few more infected people.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo had added in a deep voice.

“If you do not see me before dawn, you will stay with Black Rose and leave Death Island directly.”

The moment these words were spoken.

The adjutant immediately thought of something, and his face instantly turned miserable white to the extreme.

After gritting his teeth, he still held back his hurt feelings and spoke towards his companion beside him.

“Let’s not drag our feet for Mr. Lin, retreat!”

As he pa*sed by Lin Mo’s side, the adjutant spoke softly.

“Mr. Lin we’ll wait for you!”

The words had taken on a few more gulps at this moment.

Black Rose had spoken to her once.

Mr. Lin had made a pact with the Sovereign Master expert who had gone, that both sides could not interfere with the battlefield.

Right now Lin Mo had broken this agreement.

And by what Lin Mo had commanded, one could tell.

Facing the enemy’s opponent who was also a clan master, Lin Mo did not have confidence either.

And the root cause of all this was for the sake of just his own group of people.

Thinking of this, the adjutant’s eyes had turned red.

And as everyone left.

Lin Mo and Ji Dutuo did not speak.

They just looked at each other in silence.

They waited until the figures of the women disappeared into the vast night.

Only then did Ji Dutuo make a move, breaking the calm with a big mouth.

“Mr. Lin, didn’t we have an agreement before, you’re putting me in a difficult position!”

At this moment, he was still smiling, but his eyes were already sharp.

Lin Mo rested one hand on the hilt of his sword, his face contemptuous.

“You guys are capable of doing something so heartless.”

“Is there any point to the agreement?”

Hearing this, Ji Duto looked a little puzzled.


By this moment, Lin Mo already had an answer in his heart.

With his understanding of the Seven Deadly Sins.

If they had really done such a thing, they wouldn’t be able to play dumb.

“This is the work of your Laurence family!”

Said Lin Mo, throwing out a wooden box.

With a swing of his sword, the wooden box instantly broke into two halves.

One of the pieces of meat taken from Qiao Mu’s chest landed directly in front of Ji Duto.

He was also an expert in the Sovereign Realm.

Ji Dutuo naturally saw at a glance that there was something wrong with this object.

“Tyrannical corpse!”

As soon as the words fell, the mountainous fat man behind him opened his mouth and sucked it in.

The chunks of meat on the ground then instantly entered his belly.

After smashing his mouth, it was spat out by him in no time.

“It contains an unknown virus that is extremely contagious.”

“Below half-step Zong Shi, if you contract it, you will die!”

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