Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4041

Under the night sky.

Lin Mo held the dying Black Rose and raised his hand to shake it.

Only a miserable scream was heard afterwards.

Tai Ah instantly returned to its scabbard.

Just as he was about to leave, the Black Rose in his arms weakly opened her eyes.

“Mr. Lin, please, save them!”

The faint tone was filled with pleading intent.

Lin Mo twisted his head to look at the battlefield behind him.

The only remaining hundreds of Black Garden members were already tightly surrounded by the enemy.

If he wanted to save them, he would have to slaughter the 70,000 to 80,000 guards in front of him.

This would naturally take a lot of time.

Thinking about this, Lin Mo’s could not help but frown.

“Your injuries are very serious now, if I don’t take you back for treatment as soon as possible.”

“You, will die!”

He warned in a heavy tone.

Only after Black Rose heard this, she did not react, her gaze was unmistakable.

“Mr. Lin, I’m the one who brought them into this place of death.”

“If I were to live alone, I would surely spend the rest of my life in remorse as well.”

“That’s not the life I want.”

The meaning of the words was simple.

If he couldn’t leave with those few remaining men, he would rather die!

After hesitating for a second, Lin Mo sighed impotently.

“What a nuisance!”

His tone was full of disgust though.

However, a few moments of appreciation unconsciously showed in his eyes.

Lin Mo eventually put Black Rose down.

“Hold yourself up! Don’t wait for me to bring them back you go first instead.”

The internal injuries that Black Rose was suffering from right now were acute.

Lin Mo could only use silver needles to seal the last trace of life for her for the time being as well.

“Thanks ……”

Black Rose squeezed out a miserable smile, and was just about to thank the sudden blackness in front of her eyes.

Immediately afterwards the whole person pa*sed out.

After Lin Mo gave her a look, he folded back and came to the battlefield once again.

“Lord Flood, that boy is back again!”

The guards exclaimed, and then all of them raised their guns once more.

Flood looked in the direction of the man’s finger.

Only to see that the young, ghostly figure had rushed off to another part of the battlefield.

Fred had already guessed what Lin Mo’s intention was, but he simply did not dare to make a rash move.

Not to mention that he was wounded on his own leg.

The speed of Lin Mo’s strike alone was breathtakingly fast.

It was clear to Fred that he was no match for Lin Mo.

The only thing he could hope for now was that his gunmen would be able to deal with this man.

In the middle of the battlefield.

Lin Mo picked a place where the largest number of survivors surrounded him.

After landing on the ground, he directly drew out his Tai Ah.

With a cold flash of light.

Those imposing guards around him directly split in two.

In just one move, hundreds or thousands of enemies were resolved.

The women of the Black Garden, who had stored in their hearts, could not help but stare at this scene.

This was too strong!

They were saved!

The gazes that looked at Lin Mo once again were not only filled with excitement, but were also mixed with a feeling of full admiration.

Lin Mo naturally didn’t have time to enjoy such gazes.

After dealing with a group of the nearest enemies, he immediately shouted.

“Hurry up and follow me!”

After saying this he once again waved his longsword, and the secret enemies in front of him once again fell in a large swath.

The originally watertight encirclement was instantly cleared out of the way.

The women naturally didn’t dare to hesitate when they heard Lin Mo’s instructions, and immediately quickly chased after them.

Thus, a bizarre scene appeared on the battlefield.

Under the original dense encirclement of the enemy.

Rows and rows of gunnery soldiers fell like leeks, in pieces.

In no time.

Lin Mo had penetrated the entire battlefield and gathered all the survivors together.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Mo said in a soft voice before speaking.

Leading the women with him, he directly lifted his steps and left.

This time, he didn’t strike his sword again.

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