Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4053

“You’ve done well, I’m satisfied.”

The Admiral’s face beamed with joy at this reply.

Those who were with him could not help but sigh with relief.

They had bet on the right thing!

“Lord Ji Dutuo, are you planning to help us move down Clegg?”

The admiral asked excitedly.

Ji Dutuo shook his head slightly after stretching lazily.

“I think I have made it clear enough that I will only work with House Master Lawrence.”

“As for who your Lawrence’s family head is, it’s up to you to decide.”

After saying that, he slowly lifted his cup of tea.

When the admiral saw this, he also understood his intention of driving the guest away.

“My lord, you go ahead and get busy, we’ll take our leave!”

Although it was a little regrettable that he hadn’t been able to get Ji Dutuo’s support.

But as long as Ji Dutuo did not make a move, they were absolutely confident of taking down Clegg.

It would only take more time and effort.


The leaves of the tree.

Everything that was happening within the room was clearly heard by Lin Mo.

He did not expect it.

This admiral was also such a bold person.

And it had to be said that this Lawrence family was also full of talents.

Compared to Clegg’s ability to bend and stretch.

The admiral had a more ruthless streak.

Of course, the presence of two lords in one family is not a good thing for the family.

On the contrary, it was a disaster.

But all this was indeed good news for Lin Mo.

The more serious the infighting in Lawrence was, the better it would be for them in the three districts.

It was also while Lin Mo was thinking about it that his brows frowned slightly.

At this moment, underneath the big tree, the tyrant corpse, who was fat as a mountain, was actually looking at himself quietly.

He didn’t say anything.

Just gnawing on this huge hand of beef while staring.

After Lin Mo landed on the ground, he even handed over the beef in his hand.

And there was reluctance in his eyes.

“Do you want to eat it?”

Such a move was a whole not for Lin Mo.

Originally, he had thought that this tyrant corpse was planning to make a move on himself.

Unexpectedly, he had generously shared the food with himself.

“I’m not eating, thanks!”

After the tyrant corpse gave an oh, he then gladly sat down and continued to enjoy the huge beef in his hand.

A simple contact.

Lin Mo realized that this tyrannical corpse’s sanity seemed to be somewhat abnormal.

It seemed to be only similar to that of a four or five year old child.

While Lin Mo was observing.

After Ji Dutuo noticed the movement over here, he also walked over.

“Brother Lin Mo is this already recovered?”

Lin Mo withdrew the distracting thoughts in his mind, “This is thanks to the Second Sect Master’s Lightning Strike Sword.”

“At the moment, I am basically unharmed!”

“That’s good!” After Ji Dutuo nodded slightly, his gaze turned to the side.

“What are you doing here, Tyrannical Corpse?”

“Sleepy, wanted to sleep!” The tyrant corpse’s reply was simple.

Lin Mo was originally a little worried that this person would reveal his snooping.

After hearing this, he couldn’t help but secretly breathe a sigh of relief.

At this point, although it was harmless.

But it was more or less embarra*sing.

Of course, through the actions and words of the tyrant corpse, Lin Mo became more certain of his judgement.

There was indeed something wrong with this person’s sanity!

“Second Sect Master, there are still matters over in the third district, so I will leave first.”

Thinking of the few people who survived from the Black Garden still waiting for him.

Lin Mo then simply said goodbye.

“Alright, then I won’t make any reservations!”

Ji Dutuo arched his hand.

“Let’s get together again next time we have the chance!”

After Lin Mo simply returned his salute, his figure shifted and disappeared from his spot.

If those who were not aware of this scene would have thought that the two were close friends.

Only the word “friend” could not possibly happen between them.

All the friendly things Ji Duto did were just to make Lin, the fish, more tempting.

Once the time came to close the net.

Life and death would have to come to an end!

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