Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4054

“Tyrant, how did you spare the food for him?”

Ji Dutuo asked curiously.

After the two had been together for so many years, this was the first time he had seen a tyrannical corpse actually being so generous to a stranger.

One should know that apart from himself and the two Nebula sisters.

If anyone else dared to hit the Tyrannical Corpse’s food, he would kill.

He had never thought that this time, he would offer to give out the food that he regarded as his life.

The tyrant corpse scratched his head.

“I don’t know, I just somehow want to share it with him!”

Getting this, Ji Dutuo no longer dwelled on it.

One could only put it all down to personal charisma!


On the other side.

Lin Mo was flying rapidly, when he was halfway to the road.

Suddenly, he braked sharply and held his ground.

Just at that instant, he sensed a familiar aura.

Although it was vague, he could be sure that there were people of his own around.

After pondering for a moment, he called out tentatively.

“No hate?”

The words came out.

A rustling sound suddenly came from among the quiet woods.

In the next second, Lin Wu Heng’s figure steadily appeared in front of him.

Lin Mo did not feel any joy at seeing his disciple.

On the contrary, he looked incomparably anxious.

“You came from crossing the front line to this side?”

Lin Mo asked worriedly.

Seeing Lin Wu Hate nod his head, Lin Mo did not have any words to say, and with one healthy step, he rushed directly to the disciple’s body.

After some careful examination, he then heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, he had not been infected.

“Why did you come here, didn’t I tell you to close up in the Martial Division to cultivate?”

At the mention of this matter, Lin Mo’s originally worried face instantly turned gloomy.

The frontline right now was a complete time bomb.

Without the realm of a half-step Patriarch, crossing over from such a place was a complete act of seeking death.

And the most helpless thing was that with a system like Lin Wuyuan’s, if she had the intention to hide.

Not to mention ordinary people, even a Patriarch would find it hard to spot her.

The Blade Sect got the barrier line, which was virtually null and void to her.

It was only Lin Mo who was able to detect her presence by virtue of his senses between the creation techniques.

Lin Wu Hate shook.

“I heard that you’ve come to District 2!”

“I was worried about you, so I followed you here!”

He said and then with an innocent look in his eyes he quietly locked eyes with Lin Mo.

At this moment, Lin Mo was also instantly devoid of any temper.

With such a filial disciple, what else could one say?

“Silly girl, with that strength of yours, even if I were really in danger, you wouldn’t be able to save me!”

“By you, you’d better concentrate on your cultivation.”

“With your talent, it won’t take long to catch up with me, instead you’re protecting master me!”

This was not Lin Mo in the words of comfort.

Lin Wu Hate’s talent was as terrifying as he had ever seen over the years, bar none.

Even the two mysterious sisters were a little bit inferior compared to her.

At these words, Lin Wu Hate instantly raised his fist in defiance.

“Haterless is also very strong now, and can protect Master even now.”

He said as black qi surged from his pink little fist and instantly coalesced into a long sword.

But looking at the appearance it actually had some resemblance to Tai Ah.

What surprised Lin Mo the most was that this black shadow longsword actually gave him a slight sense of scorn.

With such doubts, Lin Mo couldn’t help but extend his palm and probe towards the black shadow.


When his finger touched it, a light smoke instantly rose.

Looking at Lin Mo’s finger, a thin black mark had already appeared.

And Lin Mo could clearly sense that this black mark was frantically eroding his own skin.

Even he felt a slight tingling sensation.

With this discovery.

Lin Mo’s gaze when he looked at this disciple of his again was filled with a look of disbelief.

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