Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4060

“Just calm down!”

Lin Mo said somewhat powerlessly.

It was just that his body did not allow it now, otherwise he would have given Ma Bangde a beating.

Although this b*****d had opened his wisdom, his head had become much smarter.

But this hairy character really hadn’t changed at all.

“On the other hand, you only need to pay more attention to the ghosts.”

“Also don’t be too obvious, or he’ll find you out.”

Hearing this admonition, Ma Bangde was a bit puzzled.

“That weak old thing has this ability?”

Lin Mo skimmed his eyes, “What, you don’t think I’m lying to you?”

After the two of them exchanged a glance, Ma Bangde shrank his neck resentfully, not daring to be shouting.

“Also Old Ma, without my orders, you absolutely must not make a move against Ghost Souther, remember?”

Lin Mo barked out a warning.

He was also worried to this irascible character of Ma Bangde.

If he accidentally provoked the other party, the b*****d wouldn’t even know how he would die then.

And the scruples that inadvertently flowed between his words also made Ma Bangde extra attentive.


Ma Bangde responded, and his expression became a serious face.

It seemed that this old thing was also a deeply hidden expert.

After all, a character that could make even Lin Mo scorned would naturally not be too simple.

But it would be a good idea to try out a few things!

Thinking of this, a wicked smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Ma Bangde’s mouth.

Lin Mo’s side took one look at this guy and he didn’t deflate any good farts.

“Old Ma, you can take it easy for me, this is a critical period.”

“Understood, I’m not that impulsive and reckless.”

The corners of Lin Mo’s mouth twitched, his forehead full of black lines.

This was the most impulsive person in the entire District 3.

I don’t know where this b*****d got the face to say this nonsense.

Ma Bangde didn’t know what Lin Mo was thinking.

“Mr. Lin, then I will go down first.”

With that, he waved his hand and left the room on the pretext of arranging for someone to search for Lin Wu Huan.

As for Black Rose, who remained in the room in situ, she was dispatched out by Lin Mo to search the nearby mountains and forests for traces of Lin Wuyuan.

And Lin Mo also gave her a picture book.

What was recorded on it were some herbs that Lin Mo needed to use to heal his wounds and to develop the medicinal juice.

As the two of them left.

Lin Mo’s brow furrowed again.

This little girl was becoming more and more lawless.

When she returns, she will definitely teach him a good lesson.


At this moment, far away in the deep layers of forest.

A cliff hundreds of meters high.

The petite body hanging in mid-air suddenly sneezed several times in a row.

“Master must have been badmouthing me behind my back.”

After rubbing her nose, her gaze then turned to the top of a sudden stone step in the middle of the first crag.

Here, a golden five-petalled flower was gently swaying against the mountain peak.

“Finally, I’ve found you!”

Lin Wu Hate’s face instantly showed joy upon seeing this object.

Based on Lin Mo’s detailed introduction, she then firmly remembered the place where the Money Flower grew.

After this whole night of searching.

Now there was finally a result.

With excitement, he leapt a distance of four or five metres.

Just as her body was about to fall, black qi surged around her palm.

In a matter of moments, the black qi coalesced into sharp claws that plunged into the rocks as easily as slicing tofu.

At the same time, the same black sharp claws emerged from her feet.

In the next second, Lin Wuyuan was like a nimble gecko.

The next instant, Lin Wu Huan was like a nimble gecko, speeding up this treacherous 100-metre cliff.

For others, it was a desperate place.

But to her, it was like her own backyard.

In less than ten seconds, she arrived at the money flower.

With the roots and the soil stuffed directly into the backpack behind her.

“Call it a day!”

After all this she hung upside down in mid-air and patted the dirt on top of her palms.

Her demeanour was relaxed.

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