Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4058

From the moment the ghostly old man appeared.

Lin Mo knew that this old thing must have had bad intentions when he approached him in the middle of the night.

Right now, the other party was trying to get information from him.

Lin Mo simply played along with him.

“Not long ago, Black Rose was ambushed in an ambush, so I went to rescue her and happened to meet the Seven Deadly Sins on the way.”

“That Ji Dutuo said that he wanted to spar with me no matter what.”

Just as the ghostly old man was concentrating on listening to what was going to happen, Lin Mo stopped talking.

With a rush in his heart, the ghostly old man blurted out.

“Then what happened?”

“Then I got hurt!”

“What about Ji Dutuo?”

Hearing this question, Lin Mo secretly laughed in his heart.

The old immortal, the fox’s tail had finally revealed itself.

Asking so many questions was just to find out Ji Duto’s strength through himself.

“Well, how can I put it, that Ji Dutuo is very strong.”

“A few times it was the bottom card that was used to the fullest, but it only caused him a slight superficial wound.”

Naturally, he could not be truthful when Ji Dutuo was injured.

Seven parts true, three parts false.

It was to interfere with this old thing’s judgment.

As expected.

After hearing this, the ghostly old man couldn’t help but frown.

But from Lin Mo’s words, he couldn’t tell the truth from the falsity at all.

Yet for him to go to District 2 to confirm it himself, he had the fear of exposure.

After a moment of agonising.

He aimed his gaze at Lin Mo and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Judging from his aura alone, Lin Mo was indeed in a weakened state today.

If he could take him down easily, wouldn’t the three districts be his own world?

At the same time, he could also pry the information he wanted out of Lin Mo’s mouth.

This was a two-for-one deal.

Thinking of this, the ghostly old man, with a sinister tone, tried to say.

“Mr. Lin, are your injuries really alright?”

Speaking again, there was no longer a sense of concern between the words.

Instead, there was a hint more of a chill.

Lin Mo naturally sensed this as well.

However, he still maintained that unperturbed look.

“Why don’t we practice, old-timer?”

“Just give it a try, I’ve also long wanted to spar with senior Ghost Southerner for a while!”

With that he gripped Tai Ah in one hand and made a move to get up.

It seemed that he could not wait for the sparring session.

Seeing this, Ghost Sou immediately spoke out to stop him.

“Mr. Lin, you don’t have to do that!”

“You’re injured, you can’t do it.”

“There will be plenty of opportunities for a sparring session in the future, there is no rush for this moment, getting well is the most important thing.”

It wasn’t that he was really worried about Lin Mo’s body.

It was just because he couldn’t afford to gamble!

That glimmer of sword qi just now, if any, had caused the ghostly old man to be on guard.

He didn’t know if Lin Mo was pretending to be weak to try to lure himself in.

Or was it an empty city ploy from the outside.

If he started to fight, the two sides would be in a situation where their faces would be torn apart.

At that time, if he could not press Lin Mo quickly, he would also face the threat of being exposed.

A situation where the darkness turns to light.

His future plans to fight for the Crystal Skull would be very pa*sive.

Thinking of this, the ghostly old man eventually chose to give up.

“Mr. Lin, recuperate well!”

“Are you really not going to cut a deal?” Lin Mo said with some regret.

“The opportunity is rare eh!”

The more he was the more the ghostly old man became suspicious that Lin Mo was deliberately leading himself on.

“No no!”

“I suddenly remembered that there are still some important matters within the gang waiting for me to deal with.”

“Mr. Lin, have a good rest, farewell!”

The words fell to the ground.

The ghostly old man’s figure shifted and disappeared directly into the room.

A long time later.

Only then did Lin Mo put down the Tai Ah in his hand and let out a slight sigh of relief.

Everything just now was just a psychological battle he was playing.

Just by tugging on a trace of Tai Ah’s sword energy, the pitiful amount of spiritual energy in his body had already been drained to nothing.

Let alone doing anything, he could hardly even get out of bed!

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