My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1821-1822

The subordinate looked at Cui Tianzhi and turned the ring, “Master, now that you have complete control of all the biochemical weapons in the Medusa Heart space, dealing with Li Hang’s group of people is just as easy as a hand.”

“Letting them die is just a matter of minutes.”

“Isn’t it because the master’s days are too boring and he needs to find someone to play with, which is why Li Hang has exploited the situation.”

A few a*s-kisses from his subordinates made Cui Tianzhi very happy, a grim smile appeared on his face, “That’s right, let Li Hang be complacent for a little longer, in less than three days, there will be a time for him to cry, hahahahaha ……”

In the West Hill farm, a small, secluded house.

Zhao Chengliang was being held by the people of the farm, and two farm workers were responsible for guarding him outside.

From the moment Zhao Chengliang came in, he had been cursing and swearing, which made even the farm workers startled.

“Hey hey, did you hear what that man inside said?”

A man in a yellow wicker jacket bumped his companion next to him and gossiped up a conversation.

“What?” The companion was a middle-aged man with a scruffy beard who looked honest and whose eyes squinted as if he hadn’t woken up.

“Just now he seemed to say that our field master had an affair with that man called Li Hang hey.”

“Kid! Then he said that he slandered the reputation of the owner, the owner is still a young girl, she has only known Li Hang for a few days, how could she have an illicit relationship?”

“You can’t say that. This Li Hang took out the resident childhood friend as soon as he arrived. Wearing nonetheless did not have an incestuous relationship with Li Hang. Instead, he invited Li Hang’s family to the farm. He also handed over all the rights to run our farm, and ah, this Li Hang is already living inside the same house as the permanent resident, this is so obvious, can their relationship be simple?”

The man in the striped jacket spoke so eloquently that the bearded middle-aged man was dumbfounded.

“You have nothing to say now, Zhao Laoshi, I told you that you are a person who thinks too simply. Why else would you still be a bachelor after all these years?”

“Chen Wu, you don’t need to make personal attacks, I’m a bachelor and the field master had an affair with Li Hang, does it have anything to do with that?”

“Why not? You see, you are just too low in emotional intelligence because you can’t even see such an obvious ambiguity between the field master and Li Hang, how do you think any girl can marry you?”

Listening to Chen Wu’s analysis, Zhao Laoshi blinked his eyes twice, and a look of realization dawned on his face, however, Zhao Laoshi still turned his words around, “Then I’m a bachelor because I can’t find someone to fall in love with, if I found one, a girl would definitely be able to marry me.”

Chen Wu’s family was a pig killer, and although it was not a good business, it was a good family.

Chen Wu’s family manages the pig farm at the west end of the farm. His parents died early, so Chen Wu has been able to make a decent living by killing pigs.

If it weren’t for the zombie epidemic, Chen Wu would still be living a two-by-two life, waking up early before dawn to kill pigs and driving a truck to take the pork to the wholesale farmers’ market in the capital.

As a result, Chen Wu has always believed that he could not find a daughter-in-law because his social circle was too small and he did not know the right girl.

“Just pull it together, with your ability to read people’s minds, even if a girl shows her love to you, you won’t be able to find out.”


Chapter 1822

When Zhao Laoshi was talking, he was sitting casually on the ground, with a toothpick in his mouth, and when he spoke, the toothpick wouldn’t even fall off, and as his lips floated as he spoke, he couldn’t help but be tickled by Chen Wu’s heart.

Chen Wu ripped the toothpick out of Zhao Laoshi’s mouth.

“What are you doing!” Zhao Laoshi unhappily tried to snatch the toothpick back.

As a result, Chen Wu raised the toothpick above his head and said to Zhao Laoshi, “Tell me clearly, how do you mean there is a girl who likes me and I can’t find out? From what you said, do you know which girl likes me?”


Suddenly, a loud crash sounded behind Chen Wu and Zhao Laoshi, and they both turned their heads alertly at the same time to see Zhao Chengliang lying behind the door panel with a grimace on his face, staring at the two of them through the doorway.

“Do you two country bumpkins know what it means to be a woman? Have you ever tasted what a woman is like?”

The two consecutive questions [笔趣阁] directly tickled Chen Wu and Zhao Laoshi’s addiction to women.

Almost at the same time, both of them involuntarily poked their necks towards the position of the door panel.

Zhao Chengliang’s eyes flashed with a sinister glint as he hooked his hand at the two of them, “You two come closer, I’ll tell you about those superb women I’ve seen.”

Chen Wu and Zhao Laoshi were both farmers, and although they farmed in the suburbs of the capital, they rarely had the opportunity to go to the paper-drenched, high-end entertainment venues in the capital.

As soon as they heard Zhao Chengliang’s words, the two of them immediately got excited.

“What do the best women look like? Are they pretty, with white skin and long hair ……”

Chen Wu couldn’t wait to ask.

Zhao Laoshi also nodded his head: “Yes, yes, is it very smooth skin ……”

“I can’t say exactly what the best women look like, but the best women are indeed very beautiful, their skin is also very white, their hair is also very long, and this skin, just like this old fourth brother said, is very smooth, you brown men’s hands touch it, it is like silk, tsk tsk.”

Zhao Chengliang said, while an intoxicated expression of incomparable reverie surfaced on his face.

Although it was only through a doorway, it was full of temptation in the eyes of Zhao Laoshi and Chen Wu, and the two honest peasants could not help but gulp several times.

“Hey, if we had known that the best women were so good, we should have gone into the capital to have some fun when the world was not yet in chaos.”

Zhao Laoshi shook his head with some chagrin.

“Even if the world was good, you wouldn’t be able to see extremely beautiful women when you enter the capital.” Zhao Chengliang coldly broke the two men with a pot of cold water.

At once, the gleam of desire that rose inside their eyes couldn’t help but diminish a few points, and Zhao Laoshi hung his head and said, “Hey, I knew it, how could someone at our level see that kind of superb beauty.”

“Yeah, I’m a pig killer, and I earn a few hundred thousand a year, but I’ve seen on the TV news that the most beautiful women are very expensive, and it takes a lot of money to keep them.”

Zhao Lao Si said with a look of excitement, “Yes, I have seen some actresses, they are considered to be extremely beautiful, they are all married to those top tycoons, those top tycoons are seventy or eighty years old, but they still sleep with actresses, it’s really great.”

The volume of their words was getting more and more exuberant, and Zhao Chengliang’s eyes flashed with a glint of triumph: “In fact, you don’t have to be so discouraged, in fact, in our farm, there are ready-made beautiful women.”

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