Super Son-in-law Chapter 2779-2780

Chapter 2779

Lin Yan was stunned that Lin Hao’s words had made even the gods change their minds, but her heart was still dead, those existences wanted to kill her, she was not safe no matter where she was.

A white silver light fell, the silver light dissipated and the silhouette of a man covered in silver light stepped out of the glow, a standard silver armour with a cross holy sword at his waist.

The visitor was still an acquaintance of Lin Hao’s, Siennes.

Lin Hao knew it was them, if Lin Hao was really angry and gave him a beating, how humiliating would that be? And that was really painful, my daddy felt it all the same.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin.” The projection of Siennes’ intention, respectfully saluted Lin Hao, his face filled with humility.

Lin Yan looked back at Lin Hao in a dumbfounded manner, no, no, this was the Divine Envoy of the Illuminati, a true god!

How dare he, how dare he stoop so low as to give Lin Hao a salute?

And Lin Hao’s words just now? The words were obviously not very friendly. The words were obviously not very friendly, but the other party had no intention of pursuing the matter at all and had to salute respectfully!

Could it be that ……

The fact is that what Lin Hao said just now was true? The gods all have to look up to the existence of the great gods like Saints and Alice, Lin Hao have chased and cut?

But how does Lin Hao look, he’s just an ordinary person, right!

“Not even a Dharma phase would dare to come down? It seems that you were really scared last time, but I found out that you’re not really scared yet, and you’re still making things happen, you really don’t know what you’re doing, Siennes.” Lin Hao narrowed his eyes and stared at Siennes with a deadly stare.

Siennes was scared enough, this guy launched into a frenzy, their godfather was tough enough to carry, his words even, there was no comparison!

“Misunderstanding, Mr. Lin, it’s all a misunderstanding, we really didn’t get involved, after being warned by Mr. Lin before, we didn’t do anything to withdraw, we just developed some believers, this, this is not illegal, right, freedom of faith.”

“As for the rest, we really didn’t know that the Heaven’s Path Palace was going to strike at Mr. Lin, otherwise we wouldn’t dare to lend him people if we had a hundred guts, don’t worry, we’ve already recalled all our men.” Saints hurriedly explained, thinking to clear the relationship beforehand, otherwise even if Lin Hao didn’t get mad, that militant Lei Ling would have to settle the score with them when he learns this news.

Looking at Cairns, who was explaining to Lin Hao like a grandson, Lin Yan was greatly disappointed. She suddenly realized that the gods were not as high and mighty as she had imagined, and when they encountered a more powerful being, they would be just like that, a grandson or a grandson.

“Is that so? What kind of entanglement do you have with the Heavenly Dao Palace?” Lin Hao raised his eyebrows, he was worried about not being able to find where the Heavenly Dao Palace was, and this was someone who automatically came to his door, wasn’t it just the right thing to do?

“There’s really nothing to this, we once owed the Heavenly Dao Palace a favour, it’s just a favour, we really don’t have any other ideas, and the Heavenly Dao Palace has always been mysterious, even our sect master doesn’t know where their exact location is.” Siennes hurriedly explained, he was also clear about what Lin Hao wanted to do, and had said everything that needed to be said.

And he was also telling the truth, he really didn’t know where the address of the Heavenly Dao Palace was, the Heavenly Dao Palace was truly mysterious and its whereabouts were uncertain.

It was a good thing that the other side did not show any tendency to fight for the world, so they did not have much fear of the Heavenly Path Palace, but now that the Heavenly Path Palace was making frequent moves, it had already made the Illuminati fearful.

“Since you don’t know anything, what’s the use of having you, get lost!” Lin Hao unceremoniously slapped the other party’s wisp of intent away.

These guys with a bad stomach, slapping away a wisp of divine thought didn’t do any substantial damage, but it was addictive!

Lin Yan thought it was over, but then the six-manifold pillar of light fell, and Lin Yan was once again stunned, it was an angel descending!

Alice descended the angelic phantasm instead, not as wimpy as Cynthia, Alice, like Cynthia, respectfully saluted and greeted Lin Hao.

“Alice, God of War of the Church, pay my respects to Mr. Lin.” The purpose of Alice’s visit was no different from Siennes’, to explain clearly and clear the air, it was also true that they, the Angelic Order, were not involved in this matter, let alone entangled with the Heavenly Dao Palace.


Chapter 2780

After the Sienese Phantom was beaten up by Lin Hao, under the Dragon Group and Dragon Gate’s big action, Alice had long since withdrawn, and even more directly abandoned those believers within the scope of China, meticulous.

Although Lin Hao’s attitude towards Alice is not good, but also do not bother to talk nonsense with each other, directly sent it away, from the beginning to the end Alice did not look at Lin Yan.

After learning that Lin Hao would at least not dwell on this matter with her, Alice was also very sensible and hurriedly left, and even told Lin Hao some hidden news, related to the Heavenly Dao Palace.

Although it wasn’t the clan address of the Heavenly Dao Palace, it was some small site under the Heavenly Dao Palace, which was also somewhat useful.

Lin Hao was a little surprised, this group of winged women were not really a good deal, not to mention skimming the relationship, but also selling a wave, a ruthless person.

Lin Hao quickly pa*sed this information to the vermilion bird, let her act immediately, after all, these guys, one can calculate, may not let them anticipate the enemy to give an early calculation, and then run away in advance, that is really bad to catch them.

The reason why these guys are so mysterious and unpredictable is that they rely on such tactics, hiding after anticipating in advance.

Looking at Lin Yan’s disappointed face, Lin Hao spoke indifferently: “See? The so-called gods are nothing more than that. Even sometimes, they are even worse and more despicable than ordinary people, and when they encounter the truly strong, they are also grandchildren, selling their teammates is as simple as drinking and eating, without the slightest bit of guilt or psychological burden.”

Lin Yan shook her head and smiled bitterly, not saying anything, if this was the god she believed in, she would rather be an ordinary person, if there was a god in the true sense of the word, Lin Yan thought that it was naturally Lin Hao, a guy who wanted to be more ordinary than ordinary people.

But these words Lin Yan hid in her heart and did not say, some people if she needed to look up but still could not see the existence clearly, that is what she should not covet, a smart woman knows how to take.

“Haobei, come one? Dyeing Zhaosi Lu Ai’er whisking steak? down.”

Lin Hao’s words had just fallen, a figure suddenly appeared in the peach forest, Lin Yan took a deep look at this Chen Haobei.

Sure enough, an ordinary servant beside Lin Hao was an existence that ordinary people needed to look up to.

“Please go away and send her back, I’m resting.” Lin Hao pointed at Lin Yan and directly turned around to leave.

Chen Haobei glanced at Lin Yan, walked over and lifted Lin Yan up with a hand like carrying a small chicken, straight away in the air.

Lin Yan was so frightened that she covered her mouth and did not scream out, but she was still shocked enough.

When Lin Yan came back to her senses, she found that she had already arrived home, but Chen Haobei had long since disappeared, and she lived on the twentieth floor, so she was shoved through the window.

Somewhere in a deep mountain cave, a man whose surroundings were shrouded in a thick mist spurted out a mouthful of blood, and the black mist around him dispersed quite a bit, revealing a more youthful face, his face grim and pale.

“b*****ds of the Wang family! None of you can escape! Don’t fall into my hands, or I will make you beg for your life and die!” The voice that came out from such a young face was hoarse and old, like that of an old man who had pa*sed his prime.

This man was one of the Elders of the Heavenly Dao Palace, Tianfeng!

Because of the suddenness of the incident, he could only fight with Wang Sledgehammer across the air, otherwise Wang Sledgehammer could not have escaped so easily even if he could.

It was crucial that he immediately attracted the attention of the heavenly dao in the underworld when he showed up.

A terrifying energy was brewing in the dark clouds, as if something incomparably terrifying was planning to fall!

Tianfeng looked up to the top of the cave, as if he could see through the deep cave to the sky above.

If he did not resist this punishment, he would not be able to show his face in the future.

The dark clouds above the sky seemed to have sensed his breath, and they surged like boiling water, with lightning flashes and thunder roaring incessantly.

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