The Real Dragon Chapter 3231

The The Real Dragon Chapter 3231

In this world, the last person who wanted to make peace with Hamid was the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

The whole mercenary world was watching them as a joke. If they were to negotiate with Hamid at this time, would it not be a disgrace?

However, Jerold also knows very well that the real leader of this matter is the government army, if they are willing to negotiate, but his own side insists on not agreeing, then it will lead to conflicts between the Dragon Palace and the government army.

If things go on like this, not to mention taking out Hamid to avenge his death, it is likely that the government forces will turn against them and even the land they promised before will be lost.

If that were to happen, the Dragon Temple would be too pa*sive, and the most F**ked up thing is that they can’t take revenge on the government forces.

Because mercenaries were just a species that existed in a grey area, if they dared to confront the government forces of any country directly, it would definitely cause international public outrage.

So, in this situation, he could only find a way to stabilise the government forces, otherwise once they decided to make peace, there would be nothing he could do about it.

But just when the government commander had promised Jerold to wait a few more days, the middleman sent him a few photos.

Several photos showed Hamid, standing inside different mountain pits, with various supplies piled up behind him.

The intermediary also sent a voice message for Hamid, recorded by Hamid himself: “You must think that I am very short of supplies now, but I am going to show you my strategic reserves, and believe it or not, I have to remind you that this is only a part of my strategic reserves! Whether you want to talk or not, think about it!”

When the government commander saw these pictures, his blood pressure doubled!

It’s no exaggeration to say that the strategic reserves Hamid is showing are more than the strategic reserves of the entire government army!

The government army was in dire straits and was short of all kinds of supplies, but Hamid was different, he had mountains of supplies, food, drink and more than enough!

Moreover, Hamid had deliberately put the captured weapons and equipment on display, and the two thousand or so sets of advanced American-made equipment from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons alone were enough to make his scalp tingle.

In that instant, he understood one thing.

This battle was simply impossible to fight!

So, with a black face, he once again came to Jerold’s office, and his first words after entering were, “Jerold, I have already decided to hold peace talks with Hamid this afternoon, and if you, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, do not participate, then I will talk to them myself, and after that we will withdraw our troops!”

Jerold’s head was suddenly as big as a bucket and he blurted out, “Didn’t we agree to wait a few more days? Why don’t you have any credibility to speak of?”

“Credibility?” The other party threw the phone in front of him in anger and said in a cold voice, “You keep saying that Hamid won’t last long, take a look for yourself, is this what you mean by not lasting long?”

Jerold frowned, picked up the other party’s phone and looked at it for a few moments, and his entire expression instantly became incomparably ugly!

He had truly never expected that Hamid had such a vast amount of strategic reserves.

Just by looking at these reserves of his alone, holding on for a year was not a problem at all.

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