The Real Dragon Chapter 3232

So he pressed on, “Where did these pictures come from?”

The other party said in a cold voice, “They were all sent by Hamid himself!”

Jerold’s expression was gloomy as he gritted his teeth and said, “Hamid is putting us on the spot!”

As he spoke, he said, “This way, it is no longer up to me to decide whether or not to make peace, I will immediately report to our Palace Master and let him decide everything!”

The other party said disdainfully, “I don’t give a f*ck about you, I’m just here to tell you that I’ve already made an agreement with the other party, at three o’clock this afternoon, Hamid’s negotiator will arrive at the barracks by helicopter, then I will have peace talks with him face to face, whether you participate or not!”

After saying that, he took his mobile phone back from Jerold’s hand and turned to leave.

Jerold wiped a handful of cold sweat from his forehead, and then immediately took out his satellite phone and dialed Wan Bajun, who was far away in Eastcliff.

At this moment, Wan Bajun was in the courtyard of the Wan family’s old residence, looking at the dozens of cheap coffins piled up in the courtyard with great satisfaction.

Each of these coffins was made of thin, rotten and broken wooden boards.

Although the entire body was painted with extremely poor quality red paint, you could also see the gaps in the coffin boards that were big enough to stuff a dollar coin into.

Moreover, the smell of this poor quality paint was so pungent that even in the open air, it made one’s eyes and throat feel more or less uncomfortable.

While looking at so many extremely cheap coffins, Wan Bajun was very satisfied and asked Lu Haotian with a smile, “Haotian, where did you buy this pile of rotten wood? I have lived for more than twenty years, but I have never seen such a rotten coffin”

Lu Haotian laughed, “Back to the temple master, these coffins are indeed hard to find, I took someone to the poorest mountainous areas and then asked the old carpenters there to beat them overnight”

He knocked on the board of one of the coffins and said with a smile, “People say that the thicker the board, the better, but the thickness of this board is not as thick as the bed board used in the countryside, the old carpenter told me that although they are in the poor mountainous areas, no one in the mountains is willing to use such an inferior coffin, they would rather cut down trees and save enough thick wood to ask the carpenter to make a coffin, rather than willing to sleep in this kind of rag, which is said to be specially prepared for those old poor families who have no children or daughters, for several hundred yuan a bite.”

“Good, very good.” Wan Bajun nodded in satisfaction and said, “The day before the Qingming Festival, bring enough men with you to deliver these coffins to the Wade family! If the Wade family is willing to give up Wade Ling Mountain, dig out the coffins of Bruce wade and all the ancestors of the Wade family, make room for my parents, and welcome my parents’ coffins to Wade Ling Mountain in mourning, I can spare their lives, but if they are unwilling, these coffins will be considered as a gift from me to them!”

Lu Haotian was secretly surprised and could not help but ask, “Hall Master, to have the Wade family take the initiative to dig out their own ancestors’ coffins and then wear mourning for your parents, is this a great shame that the Wade family can accept?”

Wan Bajun said with an expressionless face, “If they accept, I will leave them a dog’s life; if they don’t accept, then these coffins, are for them!”

Lu Haotian asked him, “Hall Master, if the Wade family agrees to your terms, what will you do with that Bruce wade? He has been dead for so many years after all.”

Wan Bajun said in a cold voice, “I have already planned what will happen to Bruce wade, after my parents move into Wade Ling Mountain, I will personally bury Bruce wade in front of my parents’ grave! So that the spirits of my parents in heaven can see that I have finally avenged their blood feud!”

At that moment, Wan Bajun’s orderly came running over with a satellite phone and said, “Hall Master! A call from the Green-Eyed Wolf King! He said he has something important to report to you!”

Wan Bajun frowned and said sternly, “Then he better have some good news to tell me!”

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