The Real Dragon Chapter 3235

Charlie wade took a helicopter and arrived at a wasteland about fifty kilometres away from Hamid’s base.

At this moment, there were already two government army helicopters parked here, as well as a dozen armed men consisting of government troops and soldiers from the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple.

The helicopter Charlie wade was riding in slowly landed in a clearing in front of the other two helicopters, guided by the soldiers of the other side.

When the aircraft stopped, Charlie wade, who was wearing a mask, pushed open the door and jumped down.

At that moment, a Syrian soldier came forward and spoke a language that Charlie wade did not understand, so Charlie wade waved his hand and said, “Please communicate in Chinese, or English!”

An officer from the government army stepped forward and said in less than proficient Chinese, “My Chinese is rather poor”

At that moment, a yellow man among the soldiers of the Wan Long Temple, with a surprised face, came forward and asked Charlie wade in Chinese, “Are you Chinese?”

This person, a personal guard beside Jerold, was named Gabriel.

Gabriel was two years younger than Jerold, and both of them were Chinese immigrants to Africa. Both parents were business partners back then, but an earlier turmoil in Africa caused their parents’ hard-earned businesses to be looted by the mob.

Before they died, both parents pushed their teenage children into the river, where they survived, clutching a piece of driftwood as they were swept nearly a hundred kilometres downstream.

They survived by begging, stealing and even working together for shady bosses, before joining the guerrillas in Colombia to stay alive.

At that time, Colombia was in turmoil and although the guerrillas claimed to be fighting social injustice, many of them were actually bandit groups who were in fact kings of the mountains.

The two young men had been with the guerrillas for many years and had developed a remarkable amount of practical combat experience, and when they later met Wan Bajun, they joined the Wan Long Temple together.

However, Gabriel’s strength was much inferior to Jerold’s. As Jerold rose to prominence in the Dragon Temple, Gabriel seemed to be unable to keep up, but because of Jerold’s brotherly love for him, he took him with him and tried every possible means to earn him the title of three-star war general.

It could be said that Gabriel was the worst three-star battle general in the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in terms of actual combat level.

However, since he was Jerold’s personal guard and did not have to lead troops directly into battle, everyone did not pursue this too much.

At this moment, Charlie wade looked at Gabriel, who was similar to himself in age and also had an East Asian face, and asked indifferently, “Are you also Chinese?”

“Non-Chinese.” Gabriel returned, somewhat surprised, and asked Charlie wade, “How come I’ve never heard that there are still Chinese in Hamid’s armed forces? You’re a Chinese, what are you doing running off to fool around with Hamid?”

In the perception of everyone in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Hamid was the native resistance army, and they themselves had faith in it, so his team must have been full of Syrians.

But what Gabriel did not expect was that Hamid had sent a Chinese as his representative to conduct the peace talks.

Seeing the other party’s surprised face, Charlie wade said blandly, “Your Ten Thousand Dragons Temple can have members from all over the world, why can’t I, a Chinese, be in Commander Hamid’s armed forces?”

Gabriel was stunned for a moment, not expecting this guy in front of him to dare to compare himself to the members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and he couldn’t help but feel a little angry in his heart.

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