The Real Dragon Chapter 3236

Then, he said condescendingly, “Our Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is a mercenary organization that has gathered the world’s top mercenaries, and many of them are even soldier kings who have served in their country’s special forces, and more than half of the soldiers over in Hamid can’t even read, can it be the same thing? The difference is much bigger than the difference between the US and Zimbabwe!”

Charlie wade hummed and laughed, saying blandly, “So that’s how it is.”

Speaking of this, he asked Gabriel curiously, “By the way, I have a question that I can’t understand, can I ask for some advice.”

Gabriel grunted, “Go ahead!”

Charlie wade laughed, “Since your Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is so strong, why was it still defeated one after another by a group of illiterate illiterates, and with heavy losses? If I remember correctly, you should have lost more than two thousand five hundred people, and one was some kind of five-star battle general, right?”

“You,” Gabriel became enraged at these words and sternly scolded, “You only relied on sinister and cunning means to win twice, this debt, we of the Ten Thousand Gods Hall will have to settle it with you with interest sooner or later!”

Charlie wade laughed, “That would be too welcome, you don’t know, now our soldiers are complaining about their itchy hands every day, they all want to kill a few soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to have a good time, it’s just that you guys are too weak, after waiting for so many days you didn’t wait for you to launch another charge, to be honest, your Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is really quite disappointing.”

Gabriel scolded with a red face, “Kid! Watch what you say!”

Charlie wade frowned and frowned, disdainfully saying, “Give you some attention? What the hell are you? I came here today to negotiate with you, not to see you act like a P***y!”

Saying that, Charlie wade continued with an unhappy face, “Why don’t you just get lost, there is no need to negotiate between us and your Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, we can continue to fight or continue to stalemate in the future, no matter what you decide, we will accompany you to the end, from now on, I will only talk to the representatives of the government army!”

Gabriel did not expect Charlie wade to flip out when he said he would, and his attitude was so strong, for a moment, he was angry and anxious.

He knew that his leader, Jerold, and even the Temple Master himself, did not want to make peace with Hamid.

But the situation at hand was that the Wan Long Temple could not tear its face off from the government army over the peace talks either.

Otherwise, once the government forces turned their back, the building of a base in Syria would be in vain.

Therefore, even if deep down they resist the peace talks, the Dragon Palace must pretend and then find a way to delay the talks until after April 5.

If, because of his own words, Hamid’s side was unwilling to continue the talks with the Palace and instead made peace with the government forces, then the situation would be too pa*sive.

So, he could only say with an apologetic face, “Brother, we are all Chinese compatriots, we are all risking our lives overseas to make a living, there is no need to be so unpleasant, right?”

Charlie wade said coldly, “It’s true that we are all Chinese, but I just can’t stand fellow countrymen like you! When you go out and meet your compatriots, you first sneer at them and speak ill of them, and you look for a sense of existence by targeting them.

Gabriel was a three-star warlord in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, so when had he ever been scolded by someone who pointed his nose at him like that?

However, he really didn’t dare to glare at Charlie wade right now, after all, if he really delayed the peace talks because of himself, he couldn’t afford to bear the guilt.

So he could only say with a smile, “Yes, yes, yes, this is indeed my fault, I apologise to you! The main thing is that our Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has indeed suffered heavy losses, so I am a bit angry in my heart, I still hope you can forgive me”

Charlie wade gave him a disdainful glance and said in a cold voice, “Remember, in the future, when you go out, be more low-key and generous, don’t disgrace your fellow Chinese!”

“You are right,” Gabriel nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I will behave in a low profile and act in a generous manner.”

After saying that, he held back his humiliation and said to Charlie wade with a pleading face, “Brother, what happened just now was my fault, I have already realized my mistake, so please don’t be so mean to me, now the time is urgent, our commander and the government army commander are waiting, so why don’t we hurry and leave, what do you think?”

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