The Real Dragon Chapter 3256

But don’t worry, after the truce, I will immediately start a new round of infrastructure construction, and then I will definitely dig out some high-cla*s guest rooms inside the mountain.

On the surface, Charlie wade smiled and agreed, but in his heart he was muttering, “I really don’t want to come back to this kind of sh*tty place in the future!

Three hours later, Hamid’s scouts sent word that the government troops had started to retreat.

Most of the infantry had already left in their vehicles, and the original artillery and armoured vehicles had also withdrawn to the capital, leaving only a few soldiers to pack up tents, portable shelters and other supplies.

And at this time, Hamid’s adjutant came to report, claiming that a helicopter was approaching the base.

Hamid knew that this must be Saeed coming to sign the truce, so he instructed his adjutant to bring the other side directly to his command when they arrived.

Soon, a few soldiers brought Saeed and Jerold, both of them, to the command headquarters.

When he saw Charlie wade, the first thing Sayid did was to bow respectfully and said, “Master Wade, I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting!”

Charlie wade smiled slightly, “It’s alright, how is the situation on your side?”

Saiyid said, “Most of the officers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple have confessed, we have secured a large amount of evidence, and we are sending it to the news agencies to edit the evidence, which will be sent out to the world later.”

With that, he hurriedly took out a thick pile of A4 paper and handed it to Charlie wade, saying respectfully, “Master Wade, this is Jerold’s confession.”

Charlie wade took the thick pile of papers and did not rush to open them immediately, but asked him, “Said, have you brought the truce agreement?”

“Yes!” Said hurriedly took out another document, handed a copy to Charlie wade and another to Hamid, and spoke, “This is the template of our armistice agreement, Commander Hamid can read it first, Master Wade does not understand Arabic, let me explain it to you verbally.”

Charlie wade nodded and said casually, “OK, you can talk about it.”

Said was busy saying, “First of all, I personally, and my leaders, are very grateful to Master Wade, you have not only saved me, but also our country.”

Charlie wade waved his hand, “It’s just a show of hands.”

Said said gratefully, “It is out of gratitude to you, Master Wade, that we have basically no requirements listed in this truce agreement. As long as Commander Hamid also agrees to a ceasefire, both of us will immediately enter into an indefinite ceasefire, and we will also explicitly forbid our soldiers, weapons and vehicles from entering within a thirty kilometre radius of Commander Hamid’s base, and in the future Commander Hamid can continue to grow and expand, and we will not interfere.”

Saying that, Said added, “Of course, while we respect Commander Hamid, we also hope that Commander Hamid will not take the initiative to attack us again, and if Commander Hamid can manage not to make a move against us, then we will never start a war against Commander Hamid, and both sides will develop peacefully and not violate each other!”

Charlie wade knew that it was impossible for these two very different forces to achieve permanent peaceful coexistence, however, as long as he could lift the status quo of Hamid being surrounded now, it would make it much easier for him and give him more time and energy to improve his own strength.

That way, even if he fought again in the future, he would have more of an initiative.

He then asked Hamid, “Commander Hamid, do you have any comments?”

Naturally, Hamid shook his head repeatedly and stated, “I have no opinion!”

Charlie wade nodded, then said, “Since both have no opinion, then it’s settled, you guys can just sign it.”

Both of them said in unison, “Good!”

Charlie wade took advantage of the time when the two men were preparing to sign the contract to turn over Jerold’s transcript in his hand.

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